Thursday, January 24, 2008

When is the training...

Waiting waiting waiting...MPOC is approaching and honestly we have not been training. Not sure how the games are going to be played without any training. Now that the bunkers are in...there should be no excuse! We need to train! No more struggling in the first round. Dont want to be in that position again.

Teams will be looking at us again. And if we want to do well, we need to train. If we do good, teams will look up to us and hopefully that can spur more teams to join us. If we are shit, we are in for deep trouble for we represent Singapore. We are paintball ambassadors!

I will be going for a run soon....very soon....cycling too...and maybe some swim...

We'll see....

Monday, January 21, 2008

MPOC 2008 for Red Sevens

Mixed feelings. But one thing for sure, we can only do better.

Our last event was WCA 2007, never really enjoyed myself. Eliminated on the 1st day, aching back, cancelled referee clinic and bad attitude. Full loads of shit! and unfair treatment. DAMN!

Brand new year, brand new career, new job, new environment, new friends, new life, new captain, hey...everything is new! Lost something...and gain a lot more. TIME? I am not so sure but surely looking forward to change money for time. $4000+ per month gone! Loads of paintball shit, CERTAINLY! Haiz...

Ryan Stoll show us lights into 2008. New he might be...young he may seem. This young fine gentleman is going to make waves into MPOC. Let's hope he wants to play for us. MPOC Leg 1 here we come.

Training starts in Singapore's Biggest Paintball Park - RED DYNASTY!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Paintball Family!

Just came back from JB. Was invited to a JB paintball gathering where all the JB paintballers and JB teams get together for a good night out, with food of course. A bonded community I must say and of course with a sight of envy, I hope this can be a scene for Singapore in the near future. Was telling Jane that we should do something similar... Maybe the 3rd Friday of every month, BBQ session for like minded people at Red Dynasty, food, watch paintball DVDs, talk about paintball, networking. And to top it off, a 10% discount off all merchandise that we are selling at Red Dynasty. Wait...who's paying for the food? Hmmmm...

Learn something new today...SUP'TONG! Sup'Air bunkers filled with "tongs". Yes, "tongs" not thongs! I know what you are thinking Arthur! Small Ben too...Its basically a patented invention by Aji Amin, plastic barrel with Sup'Air look aliked covers. Certainly a session of brainstorming.

Meet Azlan today, a fine young chap who introduced us to his field. Sounds exciting enough to try out one day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Moi in action...

Just some photos to feast your eyes. These photos are not for any commercial use and are taken by Desmond Foo, a member of the Red Sevens.

Using my ION with a 16 inch barrel, virtue board and my super "beng" drop forward and Vloader Junior.

Red Sevens in Penang Cup 2007...nice!

What are the requirements to join a paintball team?

Want to join a paintball team but unsure of what are the attributes to get you started? Answer is simple...ANYONE! As long as you have passion for the game, you are already taking the first step. Well yes, passionate about the game...that's easy but what's next?

1) Talk to people who has played paintball before. Not just played before but people who belongs to a paintball team and has played in tournament before. At this moment, I think Red Sevens is the only team. Muhahhaaha....Talk more, ask more and learn more. Experience speaks a lot...

2) Time Commitment - How much time do you want to set aside for paintball? Recreational? Tournament? Spend at least 2 - 4 hours a week training paintball. Play with like minded people and discuss about things that went right or things that went wrong and should be corrected. Play with better teams to get maximum exposure. What the sport needs right now, is someone who is able to spend time nuturing the sport and not people who wants to jump onto the bandwagon and play simply because his/her friends are playing.

3) Learn more about paintball - Go to YouTube, buy DVDs, buy magazines (Facefull and Action Games Pursuit can be found in big bookstores in Singapore). Download clips, go to forum, understand the growth of paintball, speak to people who works in paintball fields...Grab everything you can that is related to paintball. You have to love it to learn it! Learn the terms and jargons such as ASA, feedneck, loader, regulator, etc.

4) MONEY!!! - A lot of people tells me that paintball is an expensive sports. Well...I bet to differ. Of course paintball is unlike old timer sports such as basketball, soccer, netball, rugby where all you need is a ball, a field or a court and VIOLA! I would classified paintball into the same category as wakeboarding, skateboarding, sports dancing, archery, rifle shooting. You need not have a lot of money to play. All you need is to invest in paintball equipment and there is no rush in doing that. It took me at least 1 whole year to get all the needed barangs.

5) Equipment - Once you have decided and know more about the trend in paintball, it is time to do some investment. First thing to get, a paintball mask. Not any mask but a mask that you like and one that is durable. Get any other masks, you will end up getting more masks. Things that will follow after the intial purchase will be harness, pods, uniforms, boots, protective gears, markers (difficult but who knows), accessories.

I guessed, that's all for now. The rest is up to you.

Look out for the Red Sevens paintball clinic...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Paintball stuff

By end of this month, more paintball stuff will arrived in Singapore. We have Dye C7 jerseys and pants, gold, red and Proto blue. We have ordered 2 Flex 8 Camo for serious senario players, 2 NXe Tactical vest for scenario games, 2 Events White, 1 Vents Digi Camo, Torque loaders, green Grill V Force and more, more...

White Knights? White Death?

Rise of Singapore paintball is in the making. Coming soon is a new paintball team, whose name has yet been decided. These guys are serious about paintball and are already training regularly in Red Dynasty. In fact, these are some of the regular guys who have been training with Red Sevens, Ivan, Sean, Kev, Daryl...

In fact, "Elle" and myself had a taste of the new team. A 2 on 2 match with Sean and Ivan...not bad indeed. We had a draw...I was shot on the head by Sean in the first game and in the second game, I shot out Ivan by bunkering him...MUAHAHAHAHA.

Bunkers might be in next week or late this week...fingers crossed.

After the White Knight, there could be a 3rd team real soon...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Visit Red Dynasty Paintball Park!

Nice publicity posters!!!

Only with the BEST!

With Nick Shows, Legacy

With Davey Williamson, Team Dynasty

With Nicky Cuba, Team Ironmen

With Yosh Rau, Team Dynasty
Who else in 2008?

First thing to buy if you want to play serious paintball

Get a freaking good mask!!! Some call it goggle...whatever you call it. Its for hygiene reasons!!!

Get a good one and it will last you for years...I am wearing a DYE I3 Pro. Yes, Gucci some say. But hell, its worth the investment. $195 a piece with soft ears and upgradable, what more can you ask for? I wouldnt want to go blind by going for a cheaper Giodano mask.

Where to get them? Ask me...

History of Singapore Paintball

Paintball started in Singapore about 10 years ago (Year 2000) ...Not bad for a small country, not bad indeed. Paintball was introduced to the world by farmers in the 70's when it was used to mark cows in the farm. Reasons simple...for differentiation.

Since then, paintball has not changed much and still serves it primary purpose of "marking". Thus, paintball guns are also known as paintball markers. I dont like it when people call it guns...sounds very violent and very war.

Paintball first set foot onto Singapore at NTUC chalets, then Sentosa, then OCC, then Tuas and the latest inclusion: Singapore's Biggest Paintball Park, Red Dynasty.

Home to Singapore's First Paintball Team, the Red Sevens, paintball is certainly going to change people's perspective in 2008. Red Sevens is by far the only Singapore team to have tasted World Cup Asia. With 11 participating countries and a young paintball history, Singapore has a lot to learn...

Red Dynasty caters to both recreational and tournament players. Certainly a One-Stop Centre for anyone who wants to pick up paintball as a lifestyle sport.