Friday, February 19, 2010

Furious Red Sevens in 2010

Red Sevens is proud to announce our sponsorship with Furious Paintball. Red Sevens will be shooting with Furious barrel for the whole of 2010 starting with the March PALS event in Thailand. We are pleased to be using these state of the art technology barrels as Furious continue to expand its popularity across the world.

Furious barrels are unique as they are carefully honed by hand with a completely reliable porting design. Red Sevens is indeed proud to be a sponsored team of Furious alongside internationally renowned team such as Demonz Red from Malaysia, Vicious and Explicit from USA
and DUB from Holland.

"The unique 15" inch barrel is a breakthrough in barrel system. You can't really find a 15" barrel elsewhere..." Jane Koh from Red Sevens.

We offer free try out if you would like to test a Furious barrel before making one of the most important decision in paintball: Becoming part of the Furious gang...

*If you would like to purchase a Furious barrel, please email to