Friday, November 7, 2008

World Cup Asia 2008 - Singapore Teams

World Cup Asia (WCA) will be held from 13 - 16 Nov 08 in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. To date, there will be about 66 teams from 3 divisions fighting to gain recognition from the biggest Asia paintball event. Last year when Red Sevens was there, we were the only paintball team from Singapore. This year, things will be exciting for Singapore's paintball scene, other than the Red Sevens, Team Damnation from Singapore will be at the WCA too. It a pity that we were unable to field 3 teams from Singapore. But hey...two is an improvement from one.

Red Sevens will be represented by our usual gang, Seburo, Elle, Padam Pelita, King... Calgar and Callio are unable to join us due to personal commitment. Guesting for the team will be Ryan, our reliable mid and back player and Zack who be playing with us for the first time. I am excited at the thought of having the usual gang and 2 other guest players from the States. Playing in the 3rd Division will be teams from West and East Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore, a mini South East Asia challenge.

Of course in this WCA, there will be others (from Singapore) who will be there. Noir, Kiko, Des, PSG Warfreakz and many others. Surely paintball in Singapore is moving....