Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Asian Invitational Paintball Championship 2008

Good to know that Red Sevens is being recognize in this aspect. Yes, the team has been invited to participate in the Asian Invitational Paintball Championship 2008. It will be held in Desaru, with the rest of the other 14 Asia teams from the region. Surely an event not to be missed.

The fact that Red Sevens has been invited to participate in this event, is certainly comforting. This goes to show that paintball in Singapore is growing...slow but surely growing. We are less than a month away from SPNS Leg 2 and we already have a few changes as compared to SPNS Leg 1:

1) Change of house markers to Spyder Sonix. Smaller profile, more compact when playing.
2) 8 verbally committed teams (Redlords, PSG (2 teams), WarghNutz, Death Mavericks, Carnage, 20th Legion, Kamikaze, . We have 7 teams in the previous leg. We are hoping to get at least 10 teams for Leg 2.
3) Possibility of a full ladies team battling guys on the field.
4) Support from Singapore Sports Council.
5) Introduction of podding and MVP award.

In the area of paintball development, we are currently toying with the idea of organizing a regular paintball league, something similar to the English Premiere League. Perhaps, we will call it the Red Dynasty Paintball League (RDPL). Teams will play every weekends over 2 months. Each weekend plays about 3 games. This sort of occupy teams with regular training and upkeeping of fitness before the real thing....SPNS!

In RDPL, we are talking about no frill games...meaning no press release, no volunteers, no banners (ok, maybe one), no proshop, no sponsorship. Teams just come, show up...with a same or different line up (for talent scouting) and play. Team roaster can change after every 2 weeks. So no need to fully commit to the full league. Players just turn up (associated with a team, of course) and just play. No frills...

Cost? hmmmm...affordable...enjoyment? 100%