Saturday, March 29, 2008

Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) 2008

Yes, its coming...this Sunday, 30th March 08.

7 teams battling out on the paintball field, a battle of wits and skills. All these took us 3 months to build, 3 months to plan...and its less than 2 days away. Even before the start of SPNS, I can already list a few things that will take us to a better SPNS Leg 2!!! And here it goes:

1) Partnership with stake holders. Singapore Sports Council maybe...Singapore Police Force, NCC, Army, LAN Gaming community, media? Who knows?

2) Sponsorships - Need sponsors for prizes, banners, sound systems, door gifts, ambulance, food, apparels...Aim to get some of these so that we will not run in red as in SPNS leg 1. Haiz...what to do? Hope to just break even...last count, prizes is a few thousands already. DAMN! Can be better...

3) Volunteer groups. Calgar has done a good job in this...perhaps more in the next leg.

4) Publicity...Already we are planning for SPNS Leg 2!!! Posters, emailers, banners, forum posting.

5) Free paintball clinics for interested SPNS participants. More BTO courses...

6) Early registration!!! Sponsor early bird teams with a FREE training session of 100 paintballs!

7) Team loyalty...more offers for repeating teams.

8) more planned skirmish sessions amongst teams

Till then!!!