Monday, February 7, 2011

Inter Tertiary Paintball Championship (ITPC) 2011

Inter Tertiary Paintball Championship (ITPC) 2011 is a tertiary paintball tournament organized by the Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) with objectives of promoting the sport at school level and to create paintball awareness amongst students in Singapore. It is important for the sport to gain recognition in schools as there are misconceptions about the sport being dangerous. With the introduction of the ITPC 2011, the organizers are ready to dispel these beliefs and at the same time providing a healthy competitive platform for students to compete. In 2011, there will be 2 legs of ITPC (ITPC Leg 1 -20 Feb 2011 and ITPC Leg 2 - 26 Jun 2011) where the overall champion team will be crowned as the ITPC Champion for 2011. The ITPC series will be an inaugural paintball tournament which caters to full time students.

"We are committed to the establishment of a complete structure for the tertiary sector as this is where all the future paintballers are. Our aim is to introduce the sport to them while they are still in school with hopes of them forming the future for this sport in Singapore" said Ben Seow, founder of the SPS.

The SPS will form a sub committee with representatives from the tertiary sector to path the development of paintball as a sport in schools. In the first year of establishment, the ITPC will be conducted as a 5 vs 5 hopperball format.

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*History into tertiary paintball in Singapore.

The idea was first mooted in 2008 with plans to establish Singapore's first tertiary paintball championship by Red Dynasty Paintball Park and Red Sevens paintball team. The plans were short lived as competitive paintball was relatively new to many Singaporeans and the organizers were unable to recruit enough teams leading to the competition.