Friday, October 31, 2008

Commitment for paintball?

By Nov 08, I would have played paintball for more than 2 years. In these 2 years, I have met many wonderful people who will never cross my lpath if its not for paintball. I remember we had to make weekend trips to KL to play paintball, sometimes even up to 3 weekends. 320 Km drive up the North... just to play paintball on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning then driving back to Singapore in the evening. Those weekends were almost close to "Eat, sleep and live paintball"... 2 years down the road, nothing much has changed perhaps less travelling. But still the paintball calendar is still as pack as before.

Commitment for paintball? Topic of this blog...comes after hearing someone said "I cant make the BTO because I am having a dinner with some friends" Hmmm...surely not a justifiable reason for me. I understand that everyone has their own commitments, paintball is not the only thing in life, there are still other things such as family, friends, TV, rest, etc. I once read an article about the commitment of paintballers. The author wrote on how much time people spent on paintballing and forgot about other things in their life. For married paintballers, the first people that will feel the "effect" of your paintball commitment is definitely your spouses. Instead of spending time with your spouse, you are painting away on the field.

A typical paintball day would start off by spending a good breakfast with your partner, during the course of the meal, you will let them know about how reluctant you are about attending the training but STILL have to be there. You sneaked out for paintball...and return home tired and straight to the bed. This "effect" usually last for 2 days, considering that your body needs some rest after each practice session. Lost of voice while shouting at your teammates during practice...certainly you dont want to speak anymore after a long day at the field. So to all spouses that have made way for your partner to play a little paintball here and there...My salute to you. For without you, things would have been worst. So guys who are regular paintballers... buy your wife a good present during Christmas, it will make up for all the time that you have spent paintballing. Some bribe will do you good. Dont buy her a paintball mask please.

As for those without much commitment but just want to idle your time away at the field, of course you are welcome to do so too... Let the field be a pit stop for you until you find your next love. Be surprise, we have people coming to the field as they have nothing to do for the day. This is what Red Dynasty is all about, a hangout place for lost souls.

Some things that I have heard:

"I am having dinner with my friends this week so I cant go for BTO, but I really feel like playing in field 3" (yah right...)

"I am stopping paintball for 3 months, I need to rest...too much paintballing in the last 2 weeks" (!!!!!)

"I am too lazy to go so far to play...transportation is a problem" (Far? Canada is far....)

"I have not been practicing and feeling rusty in paintball" (All you need to do is to pull the trigger!")

"I am resting my injury... will be going for a jog tomorrow morning"