Monday, August 4, 2008

Best Paintball Event Ever!!!!

The Asian Invitational Championship 2008 otherwise known as the NPPL Asia 2008 or the Florafest Paintball 2008 is by far the best paintball event I have ever attended. Free transportation, free accomodation, free meals, free paintballs!!! What more can you ask for in a paintball event? If there is one word to describe this event, it would be "Divine".

4 NPPL Pro teams attended this event, Team Dynasty, Team Infamous, OC Bushwackers and XSV, up close and personal? Definitely. Not only do we get to "groupie up" with the pros...we get to see them in action. Comparing this to NBA, it would be similar to getting up close to Le Bron James or Michael Owen from the EPL. Food is good, free flow malaysia cusine on day 1 and BBQ dinner on day 2... If only, if only...we get a similar support from our "garment". I have been telling people that we are about 5 years behind Malaysia in terms of developing the game but after attending this event, I guess I would have to add another 3 years to the number. Haiz...if only.

But anyway, it is defnitely a trip worthwhile. Playing with the Persians was a waste. They are good I must say....but we got "eliminated" early. Spoke to Chuck Hendsch from the NPPL....the first word he said..."Are you guys keen to have a SPYDER Cup in Singapore?".

We replied...."hmmm...Of course"....but 8 years later perhaps. Good old me...playing as a back player for a veteran team otherwise known as Red Sevens...HA!

Thanks for the invite, you guys from MPRB definitely made my day...MY CHRIS CORCINO MARKER!!!! DAMN!