Thursday, July 2, 2009

Limited Edition DM8 Ollie Lang #52 for SALE!!!

Yes, I am letting this baby go. This marker was bought shortly after it was released in 2008. There are only a 100 of this in the world. Yes, only a 100! Ollie Lang has #17 and this marker is #52. Its one of the limited edition markers that Dye made it with a glossy look. It comes with a Virtual board, so no upgrade needed. The only thing that I am keeping is the Titanium barrel that comes with this marker, however it fits any autococker threaded barrel. The best thing about this marker is that it was used for a maximum of 8 weekends only (under utilised)!!! This marker is a signature series so surely a hard find.

This marker is not in Singapore and if there are keen buyers, transaction will only be done in Malaysia (KL). Cash and carry only. There is no bag that comes with this marker or tools or any accessories, JUST the marker only. Oh...did I tell you that it comes with a red colour bolt too. Stock DMs come with metal coloured bolt.

RM3800... Actionvillage is selling this piece for USD1600, first hand...

Paintball in 1st Asian Youth Games (AYG) 2009!

Hmmmm...50 years later? Perhaps but I know I wouldnt live this long to see it happen...