Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paintball Association (Singapore)

Paintball Association (Singapore), the driving force behind promoting paintball in Singapore. Its legitimacy was questioned today by a forum member. Good, at least someone bothers to ask about PBAS. Bad, when our stinky stench of integrity is being questioned, "merely Jane?" WOWOWO..."lack of info....hey I am the boss, need info...."Hahaha....can't blame him.

In fact, he has opened up a can of worms, which is good as information is being shared among forum members and also getting people to know about history of PBAS.

Yes, I do agree that a website is important, makes it look professional and well structured. But hell no am I going to jump in without some serious consideration. A mockery it will, if we are invited for Asia tournaments and we tell the organizers that our markers are not with us and they are all kept in our neighbouring country....!!!! What do you think their reply will be? What we need is time...not rushing into things. I don't see our Prime Minister getting instructions from me on how we should run a country??? I don't see a fighter plane pilot getting instructions from me on how to fly a plane??? Well....not that its impossible but it just take time. Time to learn, time to embrace the current situation, time to appreciate the things that have been done, time to learn how to walk, time to learn how to drink, time to learn HOW TO PLAY PAINTBALL, time to learn how to fix a marker, time to learn how to fill a gas tank, time to learn how to differentiate good and bad paintballs, time to learn how to change a firing bolt. All these in 1 day? SUPERMAN AH??? Come on...