Monday, August 2, 2010

Good showing for Singapore teams in MPOC Leg 4

This post came a little late... but better late than never. 2 weekends ago, 5 Singapore based teams participated in the MPOC Leg 4 and all teams put on a decent showing for Singapore. Red Sevens playing in the Division 2 clinched the 4th position, Zoo which is playing in Division 3 clinched the 2nd position and all Division 4 Singapore teams, Ragdolls, Dark Militia and Raving Lunatics all qualified for the 2nd day of the tournament. A commendable results for team Raving Lunatics in their first paintball tournament in Malaysia with a 12th position out of 19 participating teams. Ragdolls which was former known as Black Aces in the MPOC put on a good display of team work and aggressive moves when the beat Rock n Rolla (current Division 4 series leader) during the qualifying games. Dark Militia who was playing their second MPOC was playing with experiences gathered from the former leg when they finished with a 4th position after day one. Indeed it was good to see Singapore teams coming out of Singapore to play in Malaysia tournaments. In Singapore, we are still very much restricted by the firearms law with many perceiving paintball as a sport that promotes violent and expensive. With the formation of the new PBAS interim committee, we are now hoping for the regulations to change soon as we have now a good community and local tournament to showcase that paintball can be a regular mainstream sports for many unlike a few years ago where there are only a handful of active players.