Friday, January 4, 2008

Visit Red Dynasty Paintball Park!

Nice publicity posters!!!

Only with the BEST!

With Nick Shows, Legacy

With Davey Williamson, Team Dynasty

With Nicky Cuba, Team Ironmen

With Yosh Rau, Team Dynasty
Who else in 2008?

First thing to buy if you want to play serious paintball

Get a freaking good mask!!! Some call it goggle...whatever you call it. Its for hygiene reasons!!!

Get a good one and it will last you for years...I am wearing a DYE I3 Pro. Yes, Gucci some say. But hell, its worth the investment. $195 a piece with soft ears and upgradable, what more can you ask for? I wouldnt want to go blind by going for a cheaper Giodano mask.

Where to get them? Ask me...

History of Singapore Paintball

Paintball started in Singapore about 10 years ago (Year 2000) ...Not bad for a small country, not bad indeed. Paintball was introduced to the world by farmers in the 70's when it was used to mark cows in the farm. Reasons simple...for differentiation.

Since then, paintball has not changed much and still serves it primary purpose of "marking". Thus, paintball guns are also known as paintball markers. I dont like it when people call it guns...sounds very violent and very war.

Paintball first set foot onto Singapore at NTUC chalets, then Sentosa, then OCC, then Tuas and the latest inclusion: Singapore's Biggest Paintball Park, Red Dynasty.

Home to Singapore's First Paintball Team, the Red Sevens, paintball is certainly going to change people's perspective in 2008. Red Sevens is by far the only Singapore team to have tasted World Cup Asia. With 11 participating countries and a young paintball history, Singapore has a lot to learn...

Red Dynasty caters to both recreational and tournament players. Certainly a One-Stop Centre for anyone who wants to pick up paintball as a lifestyle sport.