Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quotes from Pattaya...

1) "Are champion always called cheaters?" - Gerald. After the semi final game when he was accused of playing on.

2) "You chose Lester cos he got wings!" - Gerald. Explaining to Ben his reasons for recruiting Lester Wing.

3) "I half, you half" - Ben. When he was semi drunk and going around to challenge everyone to drink.

4) "You sound like you hate everyone" - Arthur. When Gerald mentioned that he hates so and so...

5) "I am damn good at driving a buggy around but not on the road" - Arthur. When he was reluctant to rent a bike for himself.

6) "One man for himself" - Ben. When everyone seemed like they are season riders. For disclaimer purposes.

7) "Let's go and eat Sizzler" - Ben. When the team couldn't decide what to eat...

8) "What? Rusty Glaze is dead!" - Gerald.

9) "We are going to be on Facefull!" - Arthur. When the referee shouted game over after the final game against Alien 11.

10) "But I scare later he disappear" - Gerald. When told that he has to look after Ivan when we were in Patpong.

RED SEVENS - PALS Div 2 Pattaya International Paintball Championship Champion!

Red Sevens from Singapore clinched the PALS Leg 1 Pattaya International Paintball Championship Division 2 Champion title last weekend in Thailand. The Red Sevens would like to thank our sponsors Dye Asia, Furious Paintball, Seed Paintball, KCHL and THORB for their wonderful support. We would also like to thank the organizing party, Pro-Paintball and the Malaysia, Thailand and international referees for braving the sun over the weekend. Lastly, the team would like to thank all those who have supported us since our establishment. Special mention to the following who are always there to lend us words of encouragement:

Redza, Sani, ExKay, Daniel "Junior" Goh, Junaidi, Matthew, Dennis, Paul and Kiko.

With this long awaited win, the team would like the Singapore paintball community to continue training hard even though we have limited training resources, playing fields and support from the governing authorities. We can still enjoy the sport of paintball and compete at the highest level. We can complain and whine about our current state... but it is pure dedication and action that will allow more people to recognize our game in Singapore.

Let's go for more gold!