Monday, January 11, 2010

Singapore Polytechnic FTW!!!

Once again, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has gone where no other polytechnics in Singapore has done before... introducing paintball to their students!!! Last year, SP became the first institution in Singapore to host a paintball exhibition game during their CCA fair and this year, they did the same to introduce this growing sports to their prospective students. The paintball booth was overwhelming and always fill with students wanting to have a go at shooting some paintballs!!! Venting frustration some said... More than just a shooting gallery, the booth was designed like a battle course where students were briefed on the 10 facts of paintball in Singapore, snapshooting, gunning while running and OH MY GOD!!! Changing hands to shoot! And yes, for that run while shooting and that change of hands, they get double the points! Winners went off with a SP t-shirt or a yo yo... yes, yo yo... dont ask me why...

SP FTW? Definitely!!!