Monday, May 3, 2010

Singapore Polytechnic Paintball Team - Singapore's First Tertiary Paintball Club

Kudos to Singapore Polytechnic (SP) for the support of paintball development in Singapore! If you have been following my post for the past 1 year, you should have seen a progressive growth of this developmental initiative by Singapore Polytechnic. Paintball first set foot in SP on March 2009 when a shooting gallery was set up for its student enrollment exercise. Since then, paintball has been a yearly showcase for SP students in their annual CCA Fair. It is no different this year... Just last week, Red Dynasty Paintball Park was in SP again to initiate paintball as a sporting activity in the school. In the span of 3 days, we managed to sign about 100 students for a paintball trial at Red Dynasty Paintball Park with the aim of forming a SP paintball team. 45 committed students showed up during the trial and were instructed to undergo 2 drills: 1) suicide runs and 2) agility. Well, I have to agree that suicide runs managed to "kill" a few interest but knowing that commitment is all that we need from a future paintballer, some of the students had to be "axed".

By noon, we selected the best 32 students to stay on for the afternoon session where they will be going through skirmishes with one another. However, knowing that the skill of communication is one of the most important factors when players go onto the field, we had to facilitate a "icebreaking" session for them. Well indeed... the ice breaker games worked wonders.

Finally, the games... students were introduced to the game of speedball. God! It was fun... We divided the students into 6 teams and they have to go head on with 2 random teams. As most beginners of speedball, some "committed suicide" or couldn't comprehend the rules of speedball. But nevertheless, it is a good head start for these students and hopefully this team will truly be the first polytechnic team in Singapore.