Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kedah survival kit

As some of you might already know... there will be a few teams which will be travelling to Kedah for the Kedah Sultan Cup 2010. To date, the following Singapore teams have indicated interest to participate in the tournament, they are mainly, Team Zoo, Team Contract Killers, Red Sevens, Rampage Onslaught, Heartbreakers and Dark Militia. With a strong Singapore contingent heading North, most are planning to travel together on a hired bus. And I thought it will be interesting to put up a survival kit as this is the first time Singapore paintballers are setting foot on Kedah... so here it goes:

1) Money - Money makes the world goes round. In paintball, this is one of the most essential weapon. It is always good to have the extra dough in your pocket for assurance. Try to maximize your pocket if you can... plan for food, drinks, transportation, accommodation. And if you have that little extra, you might want to bring along some money for the event t-shirt (if any) or paintball souvenir. Factor in money for the shared drinks that you will be buying during the competition days.

2) Ammunition - A long journey indeed... 10 - 12 hours of bus travel and that's almost half a day. Read magazines, eat sleeping pills, play PSP, listen to Ipod... whatever you can do keep yourself busy on the bus. Buy a neck rest if necessary, this is a must buy!

3) Camera - Bring along a camera if you have one. Take tons of photographs and publish them on your Facebook or blog and help promote paintball awareness... we need that in Singapore. And if you are on the podium, you want to be able to pass that camera to someone who will be able to take some nice photos of you receiving the prizes.

4) Passport - The number 1 thing for travel... keep it safe. If you forget to bring it... good luck and see you next year!

5) Paintball t-shirt - Paintballers are stylist people, put on your best attire for field walking... if you don't have a paintball t-shirt, get one now! It is a form of identity and for easy identification among paintballers. We are family!

6) Team banner and national flag - You can use it on the podium or hang it by your resting tentage. Tell people where you are from and create a name for yourself... it is very rare that there are tournaments in Kedah so leave a good impression.

7) Your heart - Play your hearts out in the field and do your best to win every games.

All the best to Team Singapore!