Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Questions you shouldnt ask during the BTO...

Yes...its frustrating. But these are the questions that you should never ask during the BTO.

BTO is not a platform designed for people to learn how to play paintball or understand the rules of speedball. The BTO is catered for people who are keen to participate in tournament paintball without violating any regulations as stated by the SPF, in this case playing without the center line, its is also a platform for us to promote paintball as a sport in accordance to international rulings. Well of course, it is also a platform for participants to ask questions pertaining to rules and regulations of speedball.

I know I shouldnt have blog about this since I am one of the instructors...but still feel the need to do this as a form of respect to the people who have spent their time and effort to come up with the BTO so that speedball can be facilitated in Singapore and who took time off to conduct the course, it is pretty amazing to see some of these questions being asked by the participants:

"What happens when I am hit?"
"What is the objective of the game?"
"You mean I have to read the rules before attending the BTO?"
"MCQ test!!! Are you sure we have to take these?"
"Why should I have my hands on my head when I am hit?"
"Deadman talking rule is not clear as it did not indicate who the "deadmen" are?"
"What happens if I run out of paintballs during the game?"
"You told me its supposed to be fun, but now I am mocked cos I am not prepared for the test"

Well, the instructors are nice people, we replied all questions posed but of course, no denying... there were some puzzled look among us. Hmmmm... just put yourself in the shoes of the instructors... At the end of the day, we received feedback that goes something like this "You looked pissed when I asked you this question...hey dont forget, I pay you to teach me and I am here to you must tell me, hey... paintball is not my job, its a complicated game"

Yah right!

**To all those who happen to find my blog if you are searching for the word BTO, please please please look through the Millenmium rules or at least have a good understanding to the game of paintball before attending the BTO. At the end of the day, we are here to facilitate so that we can get more people playing speedball in a safe manner and thus creating awareness for the game. It is not our objectives to make you look bad during the BTO, if you have zero understanding to paintball or fail you because you are not aware that you have to undergo a MCQ test.