Monday, April 2, 2012

Heartbreakers Paintball Team goes a mile to show their love!


Team Captain, Kenny Leow


Clair Laire Faire, Derek

They might be known as the Heartbreakers but these boys sure do know how to show their love! Inspired by Team Captain Kenny Leow, the team decided to go for a day out not at the regular paintball field but to Woodlands Bloodbank... yes, to donate blood. A unique outing I must say. On why the team decided "to give" instead of "to inflict", Kenny exclaimed: "This is a good opportunity for everyone to come together and contribute to the society, this is for a good cause!" And yes, we do agree. Perhaps the Heartbreakers can initiate a blood donation drive for the local paintball community to showcase the warmth and love amongst the local players.

Having won the 2011 Overall Novice Division Champion, the Heartbreakers is one of Singapore's most promising paintball team. The team meets up regularly at sport stadium for core exercises such as long duration exercises with short explosive drills. When asked about promoting to the Open Division, Kelly exclaimed that something is in the works and they will soon be playing in the higher divisions. Preparations are underway to move to the big stage.

We wish them all the best and hope that every team in Singapore can follow this healthy and meaningful trend!