Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The one and only team...

Infernal (Thailand)
Team KU (Japan)
Team Datis (Iran)
Global Gutz (Philippines)

Well... some might say that this is all bullshit and some might disagree with what I am about to write but heck you, you, you and you. You may disagree with my writing and give me that weird look at the field but still I am going to write it whether you like it or not. Not happy with what I have written then go look at yourself in the mirror, that might cause you to commit suicide.

Recently, this thought came to my mind. If you are ask to write down a list of teams and you can only list one team from every country, which team will you choose as the Singapore team? I am pretty certain for Russia we will list the Russian Legion, for the French, it will be the Tons Tons, the English will write the London Nexus, Joy Division will be for the Swedish, Hungary and you will be Budapest Bullets, Germans will have Frankfurt Syndicate, Copenhagen Ducks for the Danish... these are all very well known teams. With the return of Oliver Lang in San Diego Dynasty... we will soon be able to identify a US team. Edmonton Impact has taken the lead for Canada... In Asia, which is where Singapore is... and talking about paintball teams in Asia, we do have a list of pretty significant teams too, for example in Japan, we have Team KU, Iranians will take pride in the accolades of Datis, Infernal will take the number 1 spot for the Thais and in the country of thousand island, Global Gutz is taking the lead amongst the rest. Team Shocker was at its best for Taiwan until it was disbanded. Closer to home... it is tougher for us to identify "the team" for Malaysia, while I would like to put my money on Nemesis Legion for winning most of the tournaments that they have participated in, there are a few other teams which we cannot miss and they are Demonz Red, Raskals, XFox, Macdev Ronin, Delta-Rovers... I would love to see all these teams playing in a common league and fight out for the Champion's title. In Singapore, I am hoping for Red Sevens to be the voice for Singapore paintball since it is the most well travelled team in Singapore and the only team in Singapore to ever win a Champion medal in a PALS event! But surely, it is up for everyone to debate and sized up the team. In 2010, Red Sevens became the first paintball team in Singapore to play in all legs of a PALS series and winning most podium medals in as many paintball tournaments. While some like to brand the team as sandbaggers... it is with no doubt that this sandbagging team has carried the name of Singapore paintball to the rest of the other Asia countries including Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. The future of Singapore paintball is not in the hands of this team as the team continue to age and with time running out for most of these old and fatigue chaps and lady, it is time for the rest to take over this baton. The new horizon awaits for the next Singapore team to shine and carry the torch as the one and only team in the Singapore chapter.

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog is a highly sophisticated idiot who spouts nonsensical jumble of words about Asia paintball. Photos in this blog are shamelessly ripped from the internet and belongs to the rightful owner. Red Sevens is a 5 year old Division 2 team which is bound for Division 1 promotion in 2012 based on the number of playing years.

Singapore Sports Council if you are reading, please help Singapore paintball to be as good as our regional boys and girls!

Team Raskals (Malaysia)
Team X-Fox (Malaysia)
Macdev Ronin (Malaysia)
Nemesis Legion (Malaysia)
Demonz Red (Malaysia)
Red Sevens (Singapore)

Photos from www.residentevilchef.com

Monday, February 21, 2011

Singapore paintball teams make history in MPOC 2011

Singapore teams look forward to making another milestone for paintball in Singapore. In March, there will be a total of 11 Singapore paintball teams heading to Malacca for the Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) 2011 Leg 2, making this one of the biggest showing for Singapore contingent in an overseas tournament. Held in Dataran Palahwan, Malacca, the MPOC will be played in one of the best playing fields in Malaysia. Located above a mega mall comprising of more 100 retail stores, paintballers can sipped coffee while waiting for their games to start. Among other shopping areas near to the field is the famous Mahkota Parade and Malacca's distinctive Jonker's Walk where the night market is robust as the night comes alive!

In collaboration with the Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) since 2009, the MPOC has come a long way in the support of Singapore paintball teams and has finally seen these investments flourish into good returns. The MPOC has supported winning teams of the SPS with free berth to the World Cup Asia 2009 and 2010. All Singapore teams which registered with MPOC also receive 50% discounts for their participation in 2010. With a possible good turnout in MPOC Leg 2, the MPOC has set a name for themselves as the most popular overseas paintball league for Singapore teams! With good infrastructure and a taste of international competition for teams arriving from Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, the MPOC continues to outshine the rest.

The Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) will continue to work with the MPOC to improve our local league and continue to provide a competitive platform for all our local paintballers! The following teams will be representing Singapore for the upcoming MPOC Leg 2:

Division 2: Red Sevens, ZOO
Division 3: Red Sevens II, ZOO Militia, Karma
Division 4: The Outlaws, Dare Devils, Rag Dolls, Raving Lunatics, Black Ops, iScreamWar

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inter Tertiary Paintball Championship (ITPC) 2011

Inter Tertiary Paintball Championship (ITPC) 2011 is a tertiary paintball tournament organized by the Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) with objectives of promoting the sport at school level and to create paintball awareness amongst students in Singapore. It is important for the sport to gain recognition in schools as there are misconceptions about the sport being dangerous. With the introduction of the ITPC 2011, the organizers are ready to dispel these beliefs and at the same time providing a healthy competitive platform for students to compete. In 2011, there will be 2 legs of ITPC (ITPC Leg 1 -20 Feb 2011 and ITPC Leg 2 - 26 Jun 2011) where the overall champion team will be crowned as the ITPC Champion for 2011. The ITPC series will be an inaugural paintball tournament which caters to full time students.

"We are committed to the establishment of a complete structure for the tertiary sector as this is where all the future paintballers are. Our aim is to introduce the sport to them while they are still in school with hopes of them forming the future for this sport in Singapore" said Ben Seow, founder of the SPS.

The SPS will form a sub committee with representatives from the tertiary sector to path the development of paintball as a sport in schools. In the first year of establishment, the ITPC will be conducted as a 5 vs 5 hopperball format.

Interested parties can email to info@singaporepaintballseries.com

*History into tertiary paintball in Singapore.

The idea was first mooted in 2008 with plans to establish Singapore's first tertiary paintball championship by Red Dynasty Paintball Park and Red Sevens paintball team. The plans were short lived as competitive paintball was relatively new to many Singaporeans and the organizers were unable to recruit enough teams leading to the competition.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another fantastic news for Singapore Paintball!

Previously, we hinted on a new group emerging from the local paintball scene and this week, we were fed with some pretty decent information and plans for the local scene and we would like to share it with our royal readers.

From an undisclosed source, we were informed that collaboration with a "BIG" time governing agency is on the way to path the way for competitive paintball in Singapore!

Let's wait and see how this turns out...

Resources told us that things that could change include refereeing, sports recognition, media and a very decent paintball event in 2012! We are suspecting its PALS SINGAPORE!

Nope, it is not the work of the "interim committee" since no decision can be made until a formal management committee is established after a formal election. Before the election can take place, members need to be recruited for voting rights. Seriously, we are praying for "godspeed" changes to firearms laws and regulations, publicity and marketing for local paintball with the establishment of the new PBAS and we wish them all the best! We need a revolution to inject some spice into the local scene! Do something before others do the catch up.

Disclaimer - This blog is not directed at anyone or any organization. The writer of this blog is a passionate paintballer, field operator and proshop manager who wants to see growth to the local paintball scene. As a founding member of the Paintball Association (Singapore), founder of Singapore's premiere paintball event the Singapore Paintball Series, representative of the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) Singapore, the writer is enthusiastic about developing the local paintball scene and has always been a driving force for paintball sports in Singapore since 2006!

Oh... yeah the writer also wrote all these about himself!

Results of Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge

When it comes to paintball, passion rules over everything... 6 teams battled it out at the Red Dynasty Paintball Park Rookie Challenge despite a very heavy downpour and Team Outlaws emerged as the Champion team. Oh... mud included. Gunning underneath a fogging mask, diving into thick slabs of mud and shouting cross fields in the pouring rain were what 6 teams had to go through in an exciting Sunday morning. iScreamWar a newly formed team took the top spot with an all win record heading to the Semi Finals only to be beaten by ReaPers who adopted an offensive strategy against iScreamWar. iScreamWar had to settled for the 3rd position after edging out Team Hazardous in an exciting 3rd/4th match that could go either way. In the Finals, it was left with Team Outlaws and ReaPers to challenge for the Champion medal. With a group of experience coaching staff in the Outlaws team, the ReaPers was caught up with a shaky start but managed to gain a foothold into the game only to lose out with defensive lanes put up by Outlaws. "Dropping like flies" as paintballers like to call it, ReaPers was out-gunned by the smoking guns.

Meeting to the objectives of bridging Singapore teams and providing a competition platform for new local teams, The Rookie Challenge not only allow the teams to interact with one another off the field but also created a challenge for teams to improve and better themselves on the field. Another success story to the Singapore local scene as we head towards the Singapore Paintball Series which will be held in April! More information about the Singapore Paintball Series can be found in www.singaporepaintballseries.com.

Full results:

Champion - Team Outlaws
2nd - ReaPers
3rd - iScreamWar
4th - Team Hazardous

Other participating teams - Fluffy Rabbits, Contract Killers SG-Jr