Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paintball World Cup Asia 2009 photo summary

Division 3 Red Sevens from Singapore (Photo taken by Pito of PhotoKaki)

Photo taken by Pito of PhotoKaki)

Division 4 Team Red West from Singapore

Muddy muddy...

WTF!...lovers drink

Will work for paintball!!! Berg helping out to sell markers in WCA...

Asia Ref Officiating Course

Hmmmm....I think ar....

Division 4 Contract Killers winning WCA 2009 Div 4 1st Runner Up... Singapore's first medal in WCA.

Yeah... know your price...

History in making... First Singapore based player to referee in WCA event! Way to go Ivan!

Team Red Sevens

Peter Chow in WCA?

Best Nation Awards Trophy

With Philip from TNKD... Nice to see you again bud.

History in making - Singapore's first WCA official crew master!!!

WCA Players Party!!!