Thursday, July 3, 2008

Asian Invitational Championship 2008/ Flora Fest 2008

Its official! Red Sevens will be participating in the Asian Invitational Championship as a representative team from Singapore. We have gotten everyone's committment in this competition and we will be going out full force to play but most importantly to have a fun time. 10 teams from Asia will be representing their respective countries and we are proud to be able to "represent" Singapore. My guess for the 10 teams will be representatives from Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Brunei...I could be wrong. But then again...its a time to get where Asia teams get together. This competition could well be the most difficult and most challenging since the Red Sevens formation, playing against the best in the region!!! But hell no are we giving up! We will play and put on a good show, if not a display of good sportsmanship and paintball ambassadors for Singapore.

Icing to the competition is the appearance of 4 NPPL teams, we were told that Dynasty, Bushwackers, Infamous and XSV will be there. Not too sure if this is going to happen...but going by the look of the Malaysia government staging such a competition and so close to Singapore, I hope this will tickle Singapore government to look at paintball from the sporting perspective.

We'll see...