Saturday, June 6, 2009

Paintballers Weddings...

Photos by Chee Yong

What a weekend... Attended 2 weddings in a week. Not just any ordinary customary weddings, but weddings of paintballers. I am sure those who have attended a paintballer's wedding will know what I mean. A paintballer's wedding is of course filled with guests who play paintball, talk paintball and live paintball. So... what is so special about a paintballer's wedding? Simple... you bring that aggressiveness from the field onto the dining table...and viola! Another series of aggressiveness. Chaotic if I may say... Laughters, laughters and laughters.

When players are on the field, they bump from bunkers to bunkers... during the wedding, guests bump from tables to tables but with bottles of alcohol in their hands and of course who can forget about table hopping looking for more food. I heard someone hopped from tables to tables and managed to eat 6 bowls of sharksfin soup!!!!! Not 2, not 3 but ...6!!!!! I shall not tell you who ate 6 bowls, if you want to know PM me... and I will let you know....hehehehhe...familar style?

Anyway... its a pleasure to attend a paintballer's wedding, congratulations to the 2 couples. Dennis and Rosalyn, Jane and Tay Ling.