Thursday, June 2, 2011

PALS Thailand - Bangkok 28 - 29 May 2011

3 Singapore based teams participated in the PALS Thailand event held in Bangkok from 28 - 29 May 2011. A "mini" World Cup Asia as described by many, PALS Thailand has always been a special event in the PALS calendar. As "Amazing" as it can be, Thailand is a city good for "shoppingholics", good food, good hospitality and best of all a good exchange rate where everything is cheap, cheap, cheap...

Participating in their first PALS event, Team A.C.E.S and a few players from Ballistics venture into the land of smiles with a little more to smile about as they battled through the Division 3 category against several household D3 teams from Malaysia such as Rock and Rolla, KSK Flash, CMX Hamoon and the ever strong UPP team from the Philippines. It was Team Saensuk from Thailand who eventually walked away with the biggest prize from the D3 category. An experience not to be missed, A.C.E.S had a slow start in the tournament but was quick to round up the remaining 2 games. Though pleased with their first PALS experience, deep inside every player's heart, they knew that they can do better to qualify into the next round.

Division 2 saw the likes of Red Sevens and ZOO with a taste of a United Nation tournament with teams coming from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and France. Red Sevens which took the D2 Champion title in the last PALS Thailand event was to defend their title again and again recruited the help of Keshi Iwata from Team KU, Japan who was part of the winning team last year. The Red Sevens qualified as the first qualifier by topping the qualifying round only to bow out to Lakehill Cat from Thailand which qualified as the 8th overall team in the Quarter Finals. ZOO had the assistance of Nick Lim from McDev Ronin, Matt Boynes from Tension, Perth and a few others from the Shootin In Rage, Johor. ZOO missed the qualifying mark as the 9th overall placed team in Division 2. In Division 1, Team Infernal from Thailand continues to trample the Asia paintball scene by winning 2nd placed team, Datis from Iran who clinched the Asia World Cup Champion in 2010.