Monday, March 14, 2011

Rumours and Gossip! #2

1) We have seen Protos in Singapore but we have heard of lesser of other brands... We might see the unveiling of 2 brand new markers in the upcoming Singapore Paintball Series 2011 Leg 1! Smell them coming to Singapore...

2) A prolific team from Singapore is looking actively for a snake player to join their ranks... any idea which team this is? Sources told me that big promises and sponsorship available for grabs! Screening is a MUST I was told.

3) Its confirmed, SPS Head Referee, Mr. Azhar will join the other referees in AsiaRefs to represent the refereeing body in PALS India! Mr. Azhar took on an important role in the SPS with hopes of naturing paintball refereeing. We wish him all the best!

4) With the next MPOC Leg 3 in Kedah, some are asking if there is a kind soul good enough to organize bus trip for Singapore based teams similar to 2010! In my opinion, 10 hours of bus ride is no joke! Take flight, its $120 now on Air Asia and save you blisters on the ass! Book your tickets now!

5) 14 April 2010 is an important for Contract Killers (Singapore)... want to know why? Ask them... it is the birth of a new era for Singapore based teams!