Monday, September 14, 2009

Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2009 (18 October 2009) - Preview

The early bird registration for SPNS Leg 3 has just ended with 9 early registered teams. Kudos to all teams who have submitted their registration, those who have not done so, fred not, you have until 4 Oct 2009 (2 more weeks). With the SPNS barely a month away, teams will be training and getting their mechanics and strategies right on the field.

From now till 4 Oct, I am hoping to see 3 more registering teams, making the final 12. The last series of the the tournament will see teams competing in West Coast Park. While some might have doubts (e.g. location, accessibility, crowd, etc) over the decision of organizing the event in WCP, we believe that it is the best location which we can afford since the intervention of SPNS in 2008. Pasir Ris Park was good, this one will be better... well, at least McDonalds is only a footstep away. So no more hungry stomach before the games.

New to the series are 2 new participating teams: 1) Black Aces and 2) Beserkers: Sons of Odin. While both teams are new to the series, they are not new to the game of paintball. Led by Blackhawk and Jit respectively, both teams have some experiences with paintball one way or another.

Calling out to teams who have not registered to do so quickly... let's make this last tournament of the year a big bang!