Monday, March 12, 2012

Rumours and news for Singapore paintball

1) A few local paintball teams are getting ready for the Singapore Paintball Series 2012 Leg 1 in June 2012 by securing their paintball markers with Paintballers World. This is a sign that more teams from Singapore will be playing in international paintball events in 2012-2013.

2) Top local paintball team, Red Sevens secures a $5000.00 cash sponsorship through Cherry Credits and will be participating under the banner as Cherry Credits Red Sevens. A completely new team will be featured and will compete as early as March. A few new players will be introduced by April 2013.

3) PBW made an announcement last week featuring a paintball sponsorship program for up to 5 special individuals. Having supported local teams such as The Outlaws, Blitzkrieg, Heartbreakers, A.C.E.S and Red Sevens, this sponsorship program will be awarded on individual basis. Keep a lookout for more news on the facebook page of Paintballers World.

4) At least 9 local paintball teams will be participating in the Johor Paintball Straits Paintball Cup 2012. More information can be found on

5) Not much news has been heard about the Singapore Paintball Series 2012 Leg 1 as the SPS Committee is looking out for a new venue for the event. If all things goes well, the local community will be introduced a totally new venue with great view of the Singapore skyline.

Paintball has a strong influence on him!

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