Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The eagle has landed!

Yup, here I am seating at the hotel lobby, Starbucks to be exact sipping my hot chocolate away... looking around for familar faces. Since afternoon, teams from all around Asia has been checking into the hotel. As I am speaking right now, Ulrich the Millenium Head Ref is standing at the reception doing his check in. Since this afternoon, I have spoken to guys from the Philippines, Global Gutz, the Indonesian, Palti and gang... Rony who we met in the last NPPL Asia is here too. This time, he will not be playing but will be a coach for 2 newly formed Indonesia Division 3 teams. Then there is the gang from Taiwan, Team Formosa who are more focus on learning the trades of refeering than playing. Things are looking good. The official hotel is about 20 mins drive away from the field, so it will be a problem for most of the teams. Going there is not an issue but returning from the field is. No worries, we will solve this problem. I am actually very excited about this year's WCA. Playing is one thing, getting to meet old friends is the other. Not forgetting the new friends and people that we will be meeting. Paintball is a small community. Everyone knows everyone... so its good to see everyone again.

Padam Pelita who has not played with us for the last 2 events will rejoin the team this time. In this WCA, our team has a point to proof as we were misunderstood for most of the entire season. So good luck Red Sevens... play hard and make sure that our presence is felt. Last year was our virgin year...playing WCA for the second time, its time for us to play harder than last year.

Cheers dude!