Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hmmmm... Part 2 - Using PBL in paintball...

Assumptions, assumptions and assumptions... this is what we call the prior knowledge, a learning padegogy commencing with a problem and using assumptions to find a solution to the problem. This method of learning is used in some of the elite schools in Singapore where students do not learn from the convention learning of a "one way learning", where the teacher teach and students dont question.

Commonly known as the Problem Based Learning (PBL), this method of learining is adopted by a polytechnic in Singapore. The primary consideration for this form of learning starts with the student asking 3 questions: 1) What do I know? 2) What do I need to know? 3) What do I need to find out? Only by getting all these 3 questions right, then you might be able to arrive at a solution in which you think can best solved the problem.

Surely, this method of learning is highly based on the prior knowledge of the students... and therefore there will be many cases of assumptions and guesses which could be wrong. The next level would require one to think about the things they need to know. At this point, the student will have many hanging question marks. Many doubts and queries. In the last stage, individual needs to examine what he needs to find out? and therefore, finding a solution from the various means which can include the internet, answers from a friend, from books and journals, etc.

With this thinking process, one will be able to find out the answers to the problem and arrive at a conclusion on how things should be handle. So how is this related to Singapore paintball?

There are too many assumptions, guesses going around but not a single piece of fact to back things up. Facts are of course back by form of statistics, such as date, time, price, cost, numbers, etc. Without numbers, there will be no facts. To think of a problem at only at stage 1, many answers are backed by prior knowledge, assumptions, guesses which is often regarded as personal views.