Saturday, September 26, 2009

A night for GUITAR ZEROESSSS!!!!

Intense... Red, Red, Blue, Blue, GREENNNNNNNNNNN
Lester and the noob...or is it?
Macham like real only...
Junk food...
The future hero...
Cheaters!!! comments.

A crazy night of Guitar Heroes for the paintball community... courtesy of Sham and Mayor. We were able to enjoy a night of good strumming, drumming and certainly laughing... So here's to the paintball guitar zeroes who were there. And we all know which who is the worst player! Been a while since everyone get together... Happy Birthday Chai Hock and Gerald!

For those who were not there...this is what you missed.

Special mention to a few others who popped by... Ian, Judas, Ben's bro, Ben Junior, Paul and wife...

Paintballers World Paintballers Gathering!!!

There is an unofficial gathering for Singapore paintballers today, 26 Sept 09 from 6.30 pm onwards at Paintballers World. If you would like to come by to hang around, talk paintball, meet paintballers... you are invited! Sucky food will be prepared... but only limited portion. Drinks are available too.

We are located at

*Nick announced that he will be performing a dance tomorrow...

More photos of the gathering later today!!!

Oakland Blast paintball clinic in Singapore!!!

Red Dynasty will be organizing a paintball clinic conducted by Ken Tsuda from USPL team Oakland Blast. This clinic will be held just one week ahead of SPNS Leg 3 on 11 Oct 2009. Time of the clinic will be announced nearer to date.

Ken is the team manager and one of the key coaching staff of Oakland Blast and he has been instrumental in their performance in this season's USPL. With years of playing and coaching experience, Ken will be keen to share his field tips and strategies with our local community.

Oakland Blast is currently ranked 2nd placing in the USPL Pro Division ahead of teams such as Dynasty, XSV, Infamous...

Recommended for all SPNS participants and BTO-ed players.