Saturday, January 29, 2011

Red Dynasty Paintball Park Rookie Challenge - 30 Jan 2011

6 teams will be participating in the Rookie Paintball Challenge organized by Red Dynasty Paintball Park. This 3 year old tournament is specially catered to beginners who are new to the speedball but keen to take competitive paintball on a regular basis. "We have a responsibility towards the development and promotion of the game to as many people as possible, the Rookie Challenge is one of the many initiatives that we have for the public to understand more about competitive paintball." said Ben Seow, founder of the Red Dynasty Paintball Park. The Rookie Challenge will be held twice in 2011 with the 2nd tournament in next half of the year. "It is important for us to create a platform for beginners to bridge their understanding for the game and introduce a competitive edge to the sport." added Ben. The 6 teams which will be participating in the Rookie Challenge are:

1) ReaPers - A team made up of students from Republic Polytechnic and keen to introduce this sport to their school.

2) Contract Killers SG-Jr - The junior team of Contract Killers SG, an Open Division team in the Singapore Paintball Series. With proper guidance and support from the senior team, the Contract Killers SG - Jr will have to shine in the Rookie Challenge.

3) The Outlaws - You might have heard of The Outlaws but players participating in the Rookie Challenge are all newly recruited into the team. This makes The Outlaws a team as they ply their trade in paintball with a good pool of players.

4) Team Hazardous - New to competitive paintball, this team is formed by friends and colleagues who fell in love with the game. Surely a dark horse with little known information about the team.

5) iScreamWar - A newly formed team with some playing experience in Malaysia. Playing in the first tournament in home soil, this team might be give our boys a good run as I was told that they might be featuring a few paintball "Mulan".

At the publishing of this post, we are still trying to confirm the participation of the 6th team. Check out this blog again to find out about the results of the Rookie Challenge!

Edit - *Fluffy Rabbits registered as the 6th team in the Rookie Challenge!