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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2009 - Leg 1

Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) 2009 Leg 1 – “Bringing paintball closer to heart…”
1 February 2009 – The location of SPNS 2009 Leg 1 was no stranger to any local paintball teams in Singapore, it was held in Red Dynasty Paintball Park located in the premises of the Bottle Tree Park (Yishun) and played over the driest month in Singapore’s history in the last 10 years. The comforting part about this dry month is that for the first time in the history of SPNS, the participants will not be playing under wet conditions and to the organizers and participants; this could just be a blessing in disguise. In this leg of the competition, we saw the participation of 9 paintball teams with an estimated turnout of about 120 participants and supporters. Since its intervention in March 2008, SPNS has since been recognized as the official paintball event by local paintballers. SPNS is organized by the Paintball Association (Singapore) and is supported by various stakeholders such as the Singapore Sports Council, Red Dynasty Paintball Park, Bottle Tree Park, etc. The PBAS has since registered up to 200 tournament players in its database and this list is ever growing. Participants who are keen to participate in the SPNS will have to undergo a 2 hour course known as the Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) which comprises of a theory and a practical test. The objective of the BTO is to allow participants to understand the safety aspects of playing tournament paintball and the tournament rules and regulations.

As participating teams strolled into the field to gear up for the event, you cannot help but to notice that there were a few who were already trying to catch a last glimpse of the field set up. “Walking the field” is an important part of paintball as it gives the team a head start to better strategized game plan. A common scenario in the preparation of a tournament is to see teams equipping themselves with protective gears, equipment and eventually ending off with a light warm up to gets their adrenaline flowing. This keeps the player both physiologically and psychologically prepared.

Each participating team was to play a round of 8 games in a round robin format in the qualifying rounds with the top 4 teams advancing into the Semi Finals and beyond. Team Red West which was the eventual Champion of SPNS 2009 Leg 1 was formed only 3 weeks prior to the closing of the registration date. The team which comprises of 4 players is made up of 2 international students from the Singapore American School, a student from Republic Polytechnic and a full time national serviceman with the Singapore Police Force. Playing for their first time together, the boys who are no strangers to paintball (having played recreational paintball before) did well with an impressive run of wins of 7 games and 1 loss. Other participating teams of the SPNS 2009 Leg 1 include team Evil Avengers (who was featured in the TNP Newpaper recently), Red Fraction, Contract Killers, Wargh!Nuts, Dark Militia, Death Mavericks, Kamikaze and a Filipino team known as the PSG Warfreakz Bravo.

In this year’s competition, a new segment known as the “Top Gun Challenge (TGC)” has been added to spice up the tournament where each team will send a representative to compete in a one on one competition which tests the fundamental skills of snap shooting and marker handling. Gerald Lee from the Red West was crowned the YGC champion after eliminating 2 other opponents in this skilled test challenge. Ng Chee Yong who plays for Kamikaze was awarded the title of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) during the competition leg. A 2nd year student from Nanyang Polytechnic, Ng started playing paintball about 1 year ago and has since been hooked to the game which promotes self confidence and teamwork. “Anything can happen in paintball, winning the MVP is only part of the process…” exclaimed Ng when asked if he questioned if paintball is a game of chance and luck.
Results of SPNS 2009 Leg 1:

1st – Team Red West
2nd – Contract Killers
3rd – Dark Militia
SPNS 2009 Leg 1 MVP – Ng Chee Yong (Kamikaze)
Young Gun Challenge – Gerald Lee (Red West)

SPNS 2009 Leg 2 will be held on 5 April 2009.

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Closing this blog...

I will be closing this blog... while doing some "soul searching" as suggested by a fellow paintballer.

Reasons for closing blog:

1) Spreads too much paintball politics which is bad for its development and blog ruins interpersonal relationship
2) Spreads too much paintball politics which is bad for its development and blog ruins interpersonal relationship
3) Spreads too much paintball politics which is bad for its development and blog ruins interpersonal relationship

I cant think of more reasons. Before I end this blog, I would like to thank those who have visited this blog and I hope that this blog has given you some insights of paintball in Singapore, may not be the best but surely good for daily feed and your reading pleasure. THANK YOU.

I will continue to discuss and share with anyone who wants to know more about paintball given my limited exposure, so feel free to let me to know.

Lastly, if the articles of this blog has offended you in any other way, let it be made known that these are all my PERSONAL views and opinions and in no way are they related to anyone or any organization. That's the purpose of a blog...

Train hard and continue spreading the love...


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Paintball Refereeing

Yes, the million dollar question: "The egg comes first or the chicken comes first?". This simple and yet difficult to answer question is always hovering above our head when it comes to making a decision. With paintball being such a controversy shooting game, we often get remarks such as who is being hit first when 2 players traded while shooting at one another. In 1888, horse racing was first introduced to photo finish. Horses were galloping so fast across the finishing line that it was almost impossible for the stand to determine the wining horse... of course when you relate this to paintball... the tradeoff is often referred to as "a split second call" and in worst cases, we often attribute this to human error. The usual explanation would be "Do you think I have 2 pairs of eyes?". Yes, its true, this was the very thing that was said by a ref in one of the tournament that I had partcipated. But well... its true, he didnt have 2 pairs of eyes.

Refereeing has always been in questioned whenever there is a need to determine winners and losers. In 2007, the Joy Division quits the NPPL because of bad refereeing and single out bias refs as the main reason, they then went on a world tour in 2008. Now that the NPPL is history, you might see them back in the circuit again. Playing the MPOC for the 3rd year, I have also witnessed several incidents where refs were put on the firing line. Coincidentally... both incidents happened during the Penang Leg in 2 different year. The first was when Fortior Immortalz and Unita Immortalz were denied the semi final spot during a overwriting call and were threatening not to return to the MPOC again. For the records, our Immortalz friends have promoted from Div 3 to Div 2 now and completed the entire MPOC series for that year.

If you were in Penang last year, you would not have forgotten the Raskals vs Xmen game where there were 3 "1 for 1" call in a single game? I could be wrong with the number of counts but I remembered the ref pulling 3 players out in a single game. Let's not forget about the last 5 seconds mad rush by the Raskals... which until today, I thought that was a very good strategy, Kamikaze style... There was a bad wooohaaaa about the ref's call but hey...the same gang of Raskals are still competing in the MPOC.

I have been a follower of the blog, and coincidentally, there is a 2 part series on refereeing, talking about the good, the bad and the ugly. And of course being a controversy sport, there were some arguments and people shooting off one another's comment. The point that I am trying to say is that paintball has always (from the history books) to have controversies surrounding its development. At the end of the day, it is actually individuals' perspective or expectation of how things should be handled. I for one is a fan of this saying: "No call is the best call" and I am sure there are always good calls and bad calls surrounding this sport. It comes as a package to the game... Unless you dont like the game or you are already considering to retire from the sport, just know that bad refereeing comes as a total package to paintball.

Just want to share some of my personal experiences with 1 on 1:

1) Never argue with the refs when being call out, this might constitute to the ref thinking that you are committing to a time delay from exiting the field.

2) Always check yourself for paintball hits from the previous game before entering the field.

3) Never touch the spot where you are hit as this might constitute to the ref thinking that you are wiping. Claiming that you are checking for hit by touching is not valid in paintball rules.

4) If you are call out and not aware of where you are hit. While you are walking back to the dead box, check for your hopper, your foot, your elbows and lastly... it could be on your harness.

5) Never swear at your team mates after you are hit. You could get a "deadman talking".

6) Always check yourself for hits before hanging the flag and if you are caught to be already shot, its a immediate 1 for 1. Not only that you will throw the game away and points awarded to your opponent. There is also a way out in this... ask me and I will tell you.

7) Dont overshoot. This is a 1 for 1...and in some tournament, its a 2 for 1. Not only is overshooting dangerous, it is not a friendly gesture at all. So please dont overshoot.

Happy balling... in conclusion, good and bad refeering is part of paintball. That's just the way it is...

Monday, February 2, 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 1

Once again, we have a new Champion for SPNS - Red West, a team comprising of 2 American boys (Zach and Ryan) and 2 local boys (Gerald and Vincent). Zach and Ryan are not new to paintball, having played some rec ball back in their hometown and playing for Red Sevens in some MPOC legs, these boys have a pretty good understanding of the regional standards of play. Emerging from the pot is Vincent, a total newbie to paintball. He was scouted for his speed and size but when it come to strategies, tactics and knowledge to the game, this pettite man is simply lost. Kudos to him for having to undertake such steep learning curve. Gerald whom many touted as the next "BIG" thing in local paintball played for Red West too. Gerald also won the Top Gun competition (1 on 1) during the halftime show.

Contract Killers bagged the 2nd position. These boys have come a long way since playing in their first SPNS tournament. Aaron who is a new addition to the team surely adds up to the offensive power to the killers. Led by Benguin (captain of the team), the killers made their way to the semi finals with 5 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. The afternoon sun indeed has an effect on their impressive start when they were clinching all 5 games before lunch break. Contract Killers beat Dark Militia to clinch the final spot.

Dark Militia under the leadership of Grant (playing with Wargh! Nuts in this leg), did an almost impossible task. What planned to be a fun session for the "new kids on the block", these men came out with an astonishing results to win the 3rd position. The last time this happened was in SPNS 08 Leg 3 where a group of mid-life gentlemen formed a team and called themselves the "Midlife Crusaders". But what was entirely different about the 2 teams was that the former was only formed less than 3 weeks ago and had less than 4 official trainings. So paintball, anything can happen.

Wargh! Nuts who has a 100% record showing in the SPNS since its intervention did a 4th position. Lady luck was not their side as they were forced to play a 1 on 1 game with Red West in the Semi Finals to determine which team will go through to the Finals after coming back to win Red West in the 2nd game of the Semi Finals.

The rest of the other teams also displayed their best during the tournament just that luck is sometimes anybody's game.

In my opinion, I feel that the standard of play in local paintball has improved since we first started. Teams are starting to have their own identity (on and off field), within the teams, they are slowly forming with that bit of luck and training, they will soon be performing. But indeed, we are proud to say that the level of play in the SPNS has indeed improved. With this, I am also urging our local boys (girls included too) to take part and compete in the regional tournament, only with this are you able to relate your playing experience with others who are also keen to take up paintball as a regular sport. I have once mentioned that our local boys will perform in the lower division (3rd or 4th) of regional tournaments given the fundamental training that they have acquired in Singapore and I do stand by this statement again after seeing how the SPNS has developed.

Of course, in any tournament or competition, there are winners and there are losers. It is almost similar to working life, some are successful and are struggling to make ends meet, but its how well we take winning and losing. As a sportsman (not referring to myself, so no flaming), winning and losing is part and parcel of something bigger and greater. You need to have tasted losing to appreciate the finest of winning, so its a cycle.

In this leg of the tournament, we have gone back to when we first started, getting our own local refs to do the job. I must say, its a job that is done fairly good, surely not the best refeering that I have seen but definitely good enough. There are good calls and there are bad calls, so its how we understand from the different perspectives. Kudos to our local referees for your time and effort. Its a thankless job some might say... you are not paid for your effort and you get some rather "unfair" comments about job but let's not forget that in all the paintball rules (even up to international ruling), the regulations are always in favour of the ruling body, did anyone noticed that? Do you know if you are hit on the harness and you dont feel it the hit and if the refs saw you playing... thats a 1 for 1 call? Yes, you can explain that you dont feel it... you dont know that you are hit, but its the rules. Yes, I do agree that there are some strict calls during the game but would anyone be rather playing under lenient ruling? That's where you get even more disputes.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone that is involved in the planning and participation of the tournament. Its not a one day effort, the planning, the sourcing, the forming, the training...