Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paintball store in Singapore

Want to play paintball seriously? Want to get some paintball gear so that you can look good in the field while shooting your opponents? Want to get some paintball upgrades? Look no further...
Red Dynasty Paintball offers all major paintball brands such as Dye, Proto, JT and Eclipse!!!

International Super Sevens Championship (ISSC) 2009

JT Booth by Pro Paintball

Seburo and I helping out at the Dye Booth
G3 booth by Wernahol

Steven with a full display of the rotors

Ironmen Limited Edition DM9 only 4 pieces in Asia!

Elle with SupaStar Loh

Eclipse booth by Skirmish Asia

The first Asia 7-men international tournament, the International Super Sevens Championship (ISSC) 2009 was held in Jaya Petaling, KL this weekend. A similar international paintball event as the World Cup Asia (PALS event) except that its a 7-men format in the amature (Div 2) and open (Div 1) division. With 3 playing fields and a splendid game schedule, participating teams play as much as 4 qualifying games a day (either the morning or afternoon half) and still have time to travel around the KL city.
Elle and I were lucky enough to guest for Division 1 team, Gen-X Penang. An ad-hoc team with a few players from Matrix Entourage and Sani from X-Fox. Playing in a 7-men tournament with uncapped semi-automatic or PSP ramping at 12 balls/sec is very different from playing in a 5-men tournament, firstly you have to think a lot faster, load a lot faster and move a lot faster. Even after eliminating 3 opponents, you still have to sit and wait as there are 4 more on the opposite end. Game advantage can switch in a moment of a split second move, if you are impatient and try to move in too early. We won only 1 game from the 8 games schedule losing to teams such as Macdev Ronin, Raz Legion, Bonnie Dogs (Guam), Nightmare, MPPJ and Killer Beez. Its definitely an eye-opener and a wonderful experience playing in the higher division.

Thanks to KCHL Paintball and Dennis for making this happen. Thanks to my fellow comrades from the Gen-X team, although we only won 1 game but you guys have been a great gang to hang out with. If only we have a snake player in the team... hahahaha...