Sunday, May 3, 2009

International Super Sevens Championship (ISSC) 2009

JT Booth by Pro Paintball

Seburo and I helping out at the Dye Booth
G3 booth by Wernahol

Steven with a full display of the rotors

Ironmen Limited Edition DM9 only 4 pieces in Asia!

Elle with SupaStar Loh

Eclipse booth by Skirmish Asia

The first Asia 7-men international tournament, the International Super Sevens Championship (ISSC) 2009 was held in Jaya Petaling, KL this weekend. A similar international paintball event as the World Cup Asia (PALS event) except that its a 7-men format in the amature (Div 2) and open (Div 1) division. With 3 playing fields and a splendid game schedule, participating teams play as much as 4 qualifying games a day (either the morning or afternoon half) and still have time to travel around the KL city.
Elle and I were lucky enough to guest for Division 1 team, Gen-X Penang. An ad-hoc team with a few players from Matrix Entourage and Sani from X-Fox. Playing in a 7-men tournament with uncapped semi-automatic or PSP ramping at 12 balls/sec is very different from playing in a 5-men tournament, firstly you have to think a lot faster, load a lot faster and move a lot faster. Even after eliminating 3 opponents, you still have to sit and wait as there are 4 more on the opposite end. Game advantage can switch in a moment of a split second move, if you are impatient and try to move in too early. We won only 1 game from the 8 games schedule losing to teams such as Macdev Ronin, Raz Legion, Bonnie Dogs (Guam), Nightmare, MPPJ and Killer Beez. Its definitely an eye-opener and a wonderful experience playing in the higher division.

Thanks to KCHL Paintball and Dennis for making this happen. Thanks to my fellow comrades from the Gen-X team, although we only won 1 game but you guys have been a great gang to hang out with. If only we have a snake player in the team... hahahaha...

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