Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy CNY!!!

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This goes out to everyone who wants to help promote paintball in Singapore. This CNY, spam your friends and relatives about paintball in Singapore. Tell them about the game, promote the benefits of playing paintball, inform them about the current state of Singapore paintball and dispel the myths about paintball being "painball" or just brainless shooting. Proudly wear a paintball t-shirt (you can buy them in Paintballers World) when you go for house visits and let them know about your interest. Promote paintball to them!!! Promote paintball as a sport...

This is what we need to grow paintball (speedball) as a sport in Singapore:

1) Paintball fields with speedball facilities. At the moment, only Red Dynasty Paintball Park is promoting competitive paintball. To have more facilities catering to competitive paintball in Singapore, there will be more players and thus the tournament scene will grow.

2) Promote paintball as a sport. Paintball can be a great recreational game but to see it going somewhere, speedballers need to promote the game as a sport. It is more than organizing a game of recreational paintball for your friends but rather introduce the sport to them.

3) Support. Enough said. Paintball as a sport can never go anywhere without the support from relevant parties. These parties include Singapore Sports Council, Singapore Police Force, paintball operators and the paintball community.

4) Electronic markers. Who doesn't want that? This is also the root of the problem... and more than anything else that I have mentioned earlier. It is not about people perceiving paintball as a plain shooting game, it is not about not getting support from the various organizations, it is not about not getting a big sponsor into the game, it is not about having more paintball facilities in Singapore.

It is about paintball being a firearm and that there is no individual possession. If you are sitting in that position where you have the authority to legalize paintball markers as a sporting equipment in Singapore, would you want to put your head on the chopping board?

Let's do our part to promote paintball! Action speaks louder than words...

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!