Friday, October 2, 2009

Action packed paintball storming into West Coast Park

Singapore Paintball Novice Series, usually coined by local paintballers as SPNS, is a three-leg paintball competition for local paintball teams. With a history of 2 years, the event has been mostly held at the sponsored venue, Red Dynasty Paintball Park. The last leg, that is, 2nd leg for this year, was held on 17 May 2009 at Pasir Ris Park which saw its first move outside of a paintball park. Catching the eyes of the eastern park-goers, the organisers of the event will once again be wrestling their muscles to bring this event into another part of Singapore.
The Final Leg of SPNS 2009 will be showcased in the western part of Singapore at West Coast Park. This event is another proud collaboration between Paintball Association (Singapore), Singapore Sports Council and National Parks with the main sponsor and organiser, Red Dynasty Paintball Park.

In this Final Leg, 10-15 teams will be closely competing for the final glory of being the Champion for this leg and for the year. The champion team for the last competition leg was won by Red West which was formed by a mixture of NS men and students. Through some player transfers from teams to teams and recruitment of new talents, the level of play is predicted to be quite even among most established teams in this final leg which means that every single point counts, and, every single win and elimination of the opponent counts.
Three of the local paintball teams, Contract Killers, Dark Militia and Red West, claimed the most points from the last leg of SPNS which indicated high consistency in team performance across all qualifying matches, are aiming to trounce the other teams. Contract Killers is led by Sharkill, proudly known as the Loudest Player on the Field, has an impressive line-up of the showy boys who are crazy over paintball and Guitar Hero. These guys go around showing their talents in paintball and Guitar Hero, breaking records in the game arcades around Singapore.
Captain of Five-O, a new team from SPNS Leg 2 which clinched an impressive 2nd spot in Leg 2, Muhd Fadzri, shared with the organisers on his team’s motto and sends his “regards” (message) to the rest of the teams while clenching his fists in the air and smirking away, “We will crush your dreams!”.

Mad Rush For CoverA new kid on the block for this final leg captained by an outstanding designer, Tai Jit Wei, has been training on and off the paintball field. Closely known to many as Jit, he has put together a group of “mysterious warriors” who strikes a chord in many as they have not displayed their entire team’s prowess against most other teams. Jit’s team, Berserkers Sons of Odin, would be the team to be wary of in this upcoming leg.
Seek and Destroy, and, Seek and Strike, are considerably new teams under a family of paintballers called The Seekers Family which performed well in the last leg. They would be looking at putting up a tough fight against all the rest of the teams with their regular trainings under the guidance of Kiko, a regionally known forward player whose team, Real Pinoy, will be representing Philippines in November’s World Cup Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Evil Avengers and Ares have recently recruited a few new players over the past few months strongly boosting the depth of their team. Evil Avengers, led by experienced players, Shazahar, David Leow, Ian Tang, Aaron, had recruited a new forward player, Lester Wing, who had impressed quite a few players with his lightning fast sprints and decisive movements on the field. Ares - a team of international school students that has their experienced line-up of back players featuring Chris Hampton and Greg Goana.
Black Aces and X-Factor are 2 teams who will be making their debut on 18 October.

All the points accumulated from the previous 2 legs this year and this final leg will determine who will be crowned the Overall Champion Team for 2009 for SPNS.
Awards that will be given out during the Final Leg of SPNS 2009 are Overall Champion Team for 2009, Champion Team for Leg 3 SPNS 2009, Young Gun Winner and Most Valuable Player (MVP).
The event is free access for all members of the public to the spectators’ gallery.
SPNS 2009 Leg 3 is held at West Coast Park on 18 October 2009 (8am-5pm).
For more information, visit or email the organisers at

Words by Jane Koh
President of Paintball Association of Singapore