Saturday, November 8, 2008

Top Asia Paintball Teams!

Ironmen, Dynasty, Joy Division, Russian Legion, Nexus, Tons Tons...famous teams from the West. Well...these are well known teams from the U.S and Europe. You have heard of them, you have seen them play on video, you have watch their DVDs, you have learn from their coaching videos, definitely household names in the paintball world. But since this is a blog for Singapore paintball and that Singapore is part of Asia...and World Cup Asia is just 4 days away. Perhaps I should just do an insight on some of the best paintball teams in Asia? When I mean the best... I am referring to Division 1 teams and in no random order of course... teams worth watching.

1) Team Datis - Iran (Eclipse Sponsored)

The number one team from Iran which has a very consistent showing in every World Cup Asia that they played in. The finalist for WCA 2007 and overall champion of the PALS Series 2006 and 2007, Datis went against the South Africa Reapers in last year's WCA 2007. Judging from the initial voting from some forums, this team is voted as the hot favourites to win this year's WCA (having missed out on last). I think no one would disagree with me when I say that these guys are aggressive on the field. Dont be fool by their looks, these guys are very friendly people. From professsions such as medical doctors, IT professionals, etc. You cant go wrong...

2) Alien 11 - Thailand

Alien 11 beat Infernal (another home based team which cliniched 2nd in WCA 2006) to clinich 3rd placing for WCA 2007. With playing experience in the European scene such as the Millenium Series Toulouse 2007, this is one team which can turn the tide and represent Thailand in this year's WCA.

3) Team Wasp - Australia

Team Wasp (Gold and Blue) from down under Perth are two formiable teams in the Australia Xball League (AXL). With consistent showing in the AXL in 2008, we will be witnessing a good showing of paintball skills from the Aussies.

4) Demonz Red - Malaysia (JT Sponsored)

Demonz Red which is the overall Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) Div 1 Champion after 5 legs of competition is one of the longest serving paintball team in the Malaysia paintball scene. A good showing in the recent NPPL Asia Invitational Championship, the Demonz was invited to be the first Asian team to grace next year's Huntington Beach event in U.S.

5) Xtioneer - Malaysia (Dye Sponsored)

With a good showing in Toulouse 2008, this team could well be the underdog team in this year's WCA. A regular team in the Asia paintball tournament, Xtioneer has a strong and discipline team who has been playing together for many years.

6) Team KU - Japan (Dye Sponsored)

A regular face in the Asia scene. KU has made regular training trips to Taiwan. With a female player, Michiko in their team line up, KU is not a team to be undermine as they have been playing together for quite a while, Kamikaze style... With a good showing in the NPPL Asia Championship, KU is definitely not a pushover in this WCA.

And there you go...teams worth mentioning in Asia.