Thursday, November 26, 2009

Come on Singapore!!!

Courtesy of our good friend, Artika from Sarawak

Something really really good...

I don't usually blog about paintball gears but I just couldn't resist sharing this with everyone who regularly visits this blog. Presenting to you... The SEED!

Yeah, the name doesn't really sound catchy and you can't really make out what actually a SEED is... but this small "thing" can actually make a big difference for you when you most need it. I have seen, tried and tested this "thing" in last weekend's World Cup Asia (WCA) 2009. Hands up if you were there playing WCA last weekend and you have problems with your loader not feeding, due to humidity or jam and simply not shooting... believe me, I didn't have this problem the whole entire tournament, expect when I dive into the 50's M and got mud into my loader through the speedfeed. Other than that, I didn't have problem with my loader. And by loader, I mean the Dye Rotor... one of the best loader in the world. Simple to dismantle, simple to use and simple to clean.

Adding the SEED chip into the rotor... you will be jam free for the longest time in your paintball career until someone else came up with something new. I first heard about this product a couple of months ago... didn't strike me that this product would be good and perhaps just like the usual chip available in the market. If that is the case, then what is it that is so special about this chip?

Auto anti jamming!!! Enough said. If there is a jam in the loader, the motor spins the other way and unjam the paintballs!!! Well... I dont remember the last loader chip that has this capability. Yes, I have heard before anti jam detection... but auto anti jam and spins the motor on the reverse motion? First time... really, you have to see it to believe it.

And you thought so what is so special about auto anti jam? Well... you keep shooting!!! Its that simple... No more stopping and taking out the cover, no more shaking of the loader aimlessly, no more trying to figure out why your loader is jamming.

Thanks Bruce for selling me this great product make my day!