Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Setting up a paintball field in Singapore

If you exploring the idea of setting up a paintball field in Singapore, you can approach staff of Paintballers World for a cost quotation. We offer local expertise on licensing, field marketing, daily operations, equipment maintenance and paintball field supplies. You can choose from a range of basic recreational field package to competitive field package. Paintballers World has a wide distribution network across the regional countries and will be able cater to any of your paintball needs.

For more information on partnership, new start up or paintball supplies, please email sales@paintballersworld.com

"Paintballers World is Singapore's first paintball proshop and an authorized dealer for most major paintball brands. You should find all the necessary paintball accessories to get you started in the sport of paintball. We cater to individual players, recreational players, tournament teams and field operators. We also carry paintball lifestyle clothings to bring out your paintball personality when you are not playing in the field. Look good on the field and fantabulous off the field!

We are a one-stop paintball store that caters to the growing community and offers paintball consultation and supplies (even an all-in-one field package) to regional paintball startups. Our forte in planning and coordinating paintball events and tournaments in Singapore is highly regarded by our industry partners. We are always on a lookout for partners to promote and to develop this game in Singapore, if you are keen to be a partner or dealer with Paintballer’s World, get in touch with us!"

“Gett’in Poisoned Without Realising” is the tagline for our shop. So, if you are poisoned, you know where to find us.

We are located at Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road, #02-21, Singapore

SPLAT - The last battle...

SPLAT - A new initiative for Singapore paintball... surely the last battle to develop paintball in Singapore. In 2008, we had MARK but it was short lived. A year of planning and SPLAT it is. Yes, it will be difficult, it will be tough and we need lots of support to get this going but given the restriction in Singapore... this could be a possible route to change paintball in Singapore. To be wise, we need to be stupid, to be old, we need to be young... we just need to start somewhere. Let's make up for the lost time...

E-marker Division in Singapore and overseas tournament? We'll see...