Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marker for Assigned Registered Keeper (MARK) policy

Marker for Assigned Registered Keeper (MARK), otherwise known as MARK policy is not rocket science. What is this all about? What will this evolve to? Is it worthwhile doing this? Today, I will share my thoughts about the MARK policy which will be the first door to opening speedball to Singaporeans.

As Malaysia is far more established in the area of paintball as compared to us, we will have to watch and learn. I was once told by a very senior paintball person that paintball was first introduced to Singapore first. But let's look at how far we have gone? Our neighbours have gone a step earlier than us, Nation's Cup in 2004 was an eye opener, the Asia World Cup will be in its 3rd year, the Asia Pacific Paintball Federation (APPBF) was established with an Asian Series known as the Paintball Asia League (PALS). A recent introduction to the paintball scene is the new Asia Paintball Registry, a database to capture all records of paintball players in Asia.

So, yes we are definitely behind...Can we catch up to them? well...possible. Any time soon? No.

How then can we go about developing paintball in Singapore? Play it like the real thing.

This is where MARK comes in. In simple terms, MARK is simply marker tagging. Marker is tagged to a player who will have exclusive use of the marker whenever he plays paintball. This is not rocket science but something that has been implemented for years in Singapore, especially in gun clubs in Singapore. Except that it will be extremely expensive to become a member of the gun club thus the take up rate is low.

MARK will open up a whole new era to paintball in Singapore. With the introduction of e-markers in Singapore, many will be aware about the game and eventually create room for the sport to grow in Singapore. Yes, no doubt there is a cost to be in MARK but surely we have to start somewhere.

When Singapore first decided to leave the Malaysia Cup in 1995 and start the S-League, many people find it unwelcoming. But surely, we have to start somewhere. What are the potential for MARK?

- More people playing paintball? Hopefully...we should now that speedball is more interesting.

- Awareness of the game? Surely...look at that machine gun!

- E-marker division? Possible...just need to get enough people in MARK to start one.

- Singaporeans playing in Malaysia and PALS? Confirmed! Already we will have 5 teams playing in the upcoming MPOC and possibly up to 3 teams playing in the Divison 3 for PALS using e-markers. Fingers crossed.

- Recognition from Singapore Sports Council? comments but perhaps.

But its really up to the community. We are just opening up the opportunitites, whether it will work is still dependent on everyone. We are just trying to make paintball more fun and possibly play it the way we deem best fit the development in Singapore.

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