Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paintball in the Olympics? No, its the World Games 2009

This topic has already been discussed over and over and over again...its almost close to beating the dead horse. But somehow, this question of whether paintball will ever make it to the Olympics always linger at the back of our mind. As a paintballer, it is my wildest dream to see paintball being featured as one of the sporting event in the Olympics...hey, as one of the most popular played games in the US, paintball surely deserve some standing in the international scene. So why isn't paintball an Olympic event? Here's why:

To qualify as an Olympic event, you will need to have the support of many, many, many countries, 75 countries to be exact. Meaning, you will need to have at least 75 countries playing the game, not only that, these countries will need to have a sound paintball association under the close monitor of their respective sports council in the promotion of the game to the community. Community games in the case, refers to properly run tournaments, games for all levels and age group. You will also need to have a national body from the respective countries coming together to form tournaments played by different countries. These national bodies will have to be recognized and pledged to the even bigger body, the world body who dictates the development of the sport. To illustrate my point, we will use soccer in Singapore. There is our local soccer league, the S-league who is supported by the Football Assocation of Singapore, FAS, who then selects a national team from the players from the S-league. And call them the national representative. FAS is affliated to Asia Football Confederation (AFC) who is recognized by the Asia countries as the overall body who is developing soccer in Asia. AFC is the affiliated to FIFA which is the world governing body, which is why we have the World Cup. Lots of ranks, lots of associations, lots of players, lots of support. Paintball? I am not trying to be mean and I love the game, I am a full time paintball promoter...but HAHA. So that's how far we are. To put this idea across, maybe not in my lifetime. Bowling is not an Olympic where do we stand? I don't know.

So where do we go from here? Many people classified paintball as an extreme sport. So is paintball an extreme sport? Yes, its extreme to some extend...(sounds funny, I know)...its fast, its aggressive, its everything you need to know about being extreme...but is it an extreme sport? No...why? because extreme sports are all participated by individual....see? Biking, skateboarding, blading, we are team work, communication, vs individual. So we are not so extreme afterall. I would like to see paintball being an extreme team sport....maybe not in the East...but if Malaysia is organizing another round of ESPN Extreme Sport Event...please let paintball in. You are the closest that we can get.

So no more Olympics, no more Extreme where is paintball going? Ever heard of the World Games? The World Games is a sport event that has all the sport that Olympics doesnt. So is it still recognized by any international body? You bet...the next World Games will be in Taiwan, Kao Hsiung in 2009. The bad news, paintball is not one of the selected sport. The good news, paintball could be selected to be a demonstration sport in World Games 2009. In order for that to happen, paintball teams from around the region are invited to Taiwan by the Kao Hsiung organizing committee to showcase paintball as a possible demonstration game during the World Games from 12 - 14 Dec 2008. Yes, Singapore is included. Red Sevens, Singapore First Paintball Team is invited by our Taiwan partners to be part of this revolutionary move for paintball. This could well change how paintball is perceive in the World!!! Backed by Ulrich, the Head Referee from the Millenium Series and Junaidi, the Head Referee for the Asia World Cup 2006, 2007 and 2008. This event is a significant event. Very significant...

Paintball in the Olympics? I see the light...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Comparison between Greg Hasting and NPPL

Singapore paintball community...what are you waiting for? Yes, you can find it in Funan but limited pieces left, so hurry. And having played both Greg Hasting and the newly released NPPL Championship, here's my take:

1) What I like about the NPPL is the option to "purchase" and add new 2009 paintball gear to your character! Well of course, it will cost a bomb to own some of having to "own and use " them in the virtual world is fantastic.

2) The option to go into training mode with the Dynasty guys set this game apart from Greg. After going through this exile training, your character improves on proficiency which increases your ability to speed, accuracy, etc.

3) The pro tips while waiting for the game to load is certainly some good education material for newbies...but the repeatitive tips seem to go bore after a just keeps repeating, repeating and repeating...perhaps more tips from of which I like best "Support your local paintball field".

4) Communication...we all know that communication is important in paintball. And I am very sure this was well thought of when they designed the game. For once, you know what you are pressing and yelling. The usual directional control takes over this part of the game. You can choose to go on an "All Out Attack" when your opponent is outnumbered. You can call for "Fall Back" if you are on the losing ground. You can also effectively call out to your team mates when you have an "Enemy Sighted". Greg seems to lose out on this...while this feature is available. It is not comparable to visual aid which is so important in games. Seeing is believing....

5) You know when you are running low on air....this feature is not in Greg...Though in real life, you aint supposed to know this...but it kinda help in strategizing your next move.

6) Bunkers are nicely realism. But the supporters standing behind the netting is kinda turn off....reason...they all move the same, look the same and certainly programmed the same. A change of background supporters can help. For hear the cheer but see no one watching..."Where did those cheers come from....I wonder?"

7) I was excited to get the game off to choosing game offence to those that have given their rights away as game characters...I am sure you guys are good enough to be featured in the game and surely well qualified to have Activision getting you into the project. But I would like to see more of the "Extreme Paintball Beyond the Paints". If you know what I mean...Glen, Ollie, Cuba, Wings, Max...I want to "use" and "control" them... (Maybe this feature is in the game...I dont know...I only spent 2 hours playing and still in Division 2....) Still big teams are in the game.

8) AI....seems to run either left or right... (okay...I play as an amature, so maybe that's why).

9) Less cartoon like...Greg is more cartoon like...and NPPL has a good intro on paintball for its opening. Gets you ready to start playing. The part on asking you to get ready to fight and you the needed adrenaline. I like that part....Win win win...

10) Lastly...its a good game for paintballers. By far the best...if you compare to Greg. So 10/10!!! Oh yes...if there is going to be another paintball game soon...please please please...let it be more than 1 player. You know...its a team game. So 5 players playing together will be good. PERFECT! or at least a 1 on 1....please.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Singapore's First All-Female Team

Yes, Femmes de Fatale, Team Destiny... big names in the paintball industry. All-Female teams in the US plying their trade in the man's league.

Who says girls cant play paintball? To set the record straight, there is no gender difference when it comes to paintballing, all you need to do is to squeeze the trigger and you can be as good as your opponent. Ladies and gentlemen...may I present to you Singapore's First All-Female Team, Team Atrox.

We have heard of many All-Female Teams in Malaysia, teams such as Tornado Angels, Venus, Sogo Ballbusters, etc. They are all very good teams. While this is nothing new to form an All-Female team in Malaysia, it is certainly something worth mentioning in Singapore. Hey...All-Female team...interesting. Surely the talk of the town if there is a media pitch to this in 2009 when the SPNS season starts again.

It used to be a few female players in the scene then slowly more and more female players. Guys...who say paintball is a dangerous game...hmmm, think again. Elle would most probably be the first Singapore female player to play competitive paintball in Malaysia...she gets some attention when teams are playing against us, like when we were in Penang playing in last year MPOC, she is like the talk of the town, and of course, a column in the Penang newspaper talking about paintball in Singapore. So female players do get some attention afterall.

In the 2nd Leg of MPOC, there was PSG Charlie, a group of pinoy expats which fielded a full female team...nice on the outside, aggressive on the inside. They made it to the 2nd round of the competition. I would love to see a match between PSG Charlie and Team Atrox as this would be very interesting for Singapore paintball. Leading the team is none other than Grimreaper. Having played in all 3 legs of the SPNS, 1 leg of MPOC and a few other sunday league tourney, she is the perfect choice in sharing her experience with female players who are keen to take up paintball as a regular sport. So there you go...Team Atrox!

I thought perhaps I would like to mention a few other paintball nick (all female) in this blog as a ovation to their contribution towards paintball in Singapore or in the region:

Barrel, Snowflier, Noraini, Mad Devil, Elle, Wee Cheng, PSG Charlie, Grimreaper, Ann... and the list goes on...

Friday, November 21, 2008

World Cup Asia - The Biggest Paintball Event in Asia

The biggest and most extravagant paintball event in Asia, the World Cup Asia (WCA) 2008 was held from 13 Nov – 16 Nov 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This year’s event saw an excellent participation of about 66 paintball teams from the around the Asia Pacific region, including the guest appearance of Joy Division from Sweden led by Magued Idris.

Day 1:

The event begin with a loud bang with what the organizers promised as the biggest paintball merchandise display in Asia since WCA's intervention. Players, dealers and supporters from across the regional countries were treated with a full day of paintball tech classes and product launches by the big boys from the different paintball brands. Bill Ceranski from Kee Action Sports was the first in line to introduce the latest range of Empire products for the year 2009. Planet Eclipse’s tech class was held in Xtionpaintball and attended by Ego dealers with the introduction of its new Ego9 and Geo markers which were launched during the PSP World Cup in Orlando. Australia brand Macdev which has a strong stake in the Asia region put up a colourful display of the new Cyborg RX with CEO Diane King introducing the new improve feature of the closed bolt maker. Fans alike were captivated by the different multiple colour combination of the marker accessories. Investing in the loader market is Dye’s new Rotor loader which feeds up to 50 paintballs per second!!! The introduction of the new I4 goggles in the Asia region was a big WOW for Dye fans. All it takes is 10 seconds to replace lense. The slick profile new I4 is what many call a hybrid combination of the Empire E-vents and V Force Profiler. With the new products on shelves, one could not wait for the WCA to start while shopping in the tournament village.

Day 2:

As the saying goes, "if there is no rain, it is not the WCA". If I am not wrong, for the last 3 years of the WCA, it was never played on dry land. And because of this, teams came well prepared for wet weather. The competition started at 8 am sharp... after 2 games into the schedule, there was a technical fault where games has to be ceased and delayed. Participants of the WCA took no chance at all when it comes to checking out the paintball booths, in fact, they were spoilt for choice. Surely the organizers kept to their promise when it comes to the biggest paintball display. There were JT and Luxe models (I mean girls in JT T shirts) going around promoting their products. Day 2 games were played only by Division 2 and Division 3 teams. For Division 2, it was a tough and gruelling task, to play more than 8 qualifying games is definitely serious business, players feeling the toll of rain and wet feet (hmmm....). At the end of the day, Philippine team, the Real Pinoys emerged as the top position team with a record of 10 wins and 1 lost (I think...thats what Kiko told me). While in Division 3, it was the Johor Pirates and Team Romeoz who topped the chart.

Day 3:

Day 3 is another usual day of paintballing. Teams tried to earn their final spot into the next round. All Division 1 teams played on Day 3. It was good to see and experience a different side of the game where is much faster (with ramping of course). Joy Division made heads turned with their "no word communication". Where communication is all that we emphasized on the field, it was actually pretty interesting to witness that these "bigger" boys do not interact very much and yet still able to pull off wonderful wins. And yes, by this time you would have imagined how muddy and soggy the field would have been, not mentioning the familar stench of mud and paints. There were no Division 2 games on Day 3 and it was also an early knock off for teams in Division 3 as the top 16 teams emerged.

Day 4:

The final day! It was not before long that all the WCA event T shirts were all sold out! Players and supports alike made mad rushes to loot merchandise from the stores. It was simply sales, sales and more sales! Dye sold more than 200 boardshorts in 3 days! JT sold its new Proflex Revolution! and on the other side of the village, people were storming to catch a last glimpse of the JT girls. Hehehehe...And the results:

Div 1: 1st - Infernal (THA) 2nd - Macdev Ronin (MAS) 3rd - Xtioneer (MAS) 4th - SWAT (AUS)

Div 2: 1st - Real Pinoy (PHI) 2nd - WASP Black (AUS) 3rd - KL Killer Beez(MAS) 4th - Iron Sea (MAS)

Div 3: 1st - Johor Pirates (MAS) 2nd - Romeoz (MAS) 3rd - Undeath(MAS) 4th - D'Mercy Kids (MAS)

Players Party:

Drinks, drinks and more drinks concluded WCA 2008.

In conclusion:

With a "relaxing" 2 days qualifying for Division 3 was heaven. We had to play 11 straight games last year. This year though tiring with all that travelling made it good for us to visit the tournament village and with that, we buy more things and spend a little bit more money. Air was good, sometimes filling up to 4500!!! That little glitch in Day 1 was okay...can be better but that was fine, more shopping time for us anyway! Refeering was excellent, good calls and very responsive refs. Merchandising? 101% Thumbs up! Should do that more often... good for the industry, good for vendor support, good for public awareness. Accompany? Nothing can describe that...4 days sleeping, eating and playing together, is no joke! You get to see the inside out of your team mates and of course to bear the snoring at night. But it was good. I concussed immediately every time my head touches the pillow.

Things can be better in these areas: 1) "No rain no WCA" get ready for rain...plastic pallets on the way into the field, that's a genius idea so why not get more of those in the players area? We could do with lesser fresh socks, washing of mud, yucky shoes, wet feet. 2) Produce more APPBF T shirts! I was so sad to go home without one...(okay its personal, I know) 3) No make up opening ceremony? Of course the rain spoils it all but a make up opening would make people remember the camaderie ceremony, flags flying high...remember last year's golf promotional speech? Play golf instead of paintball? Visit golf courses? That's classic. 4) No stars this time? Yes, Joy was there...but certainly not joyful enough, we used to have Dynasty guys in here, signatures and photo opportunities, no more (if its saving more money, thats fine). 5) Passes for visitors. We have a friend who came all the way from Singapore to show his support but only to be denied entry due more visitor pass. 6 hours of bus ride...comes to nothing. He even offer to pay more if he has too but still had to watch from outside. So that's quite sad... No worries Shah..."I will make it up to you, I always will" 6) Entry fee to tournament to enter village and go shopping? Wouldnt that kill public awareness? Scream out loud vendors!!!

But again...its an excellent event not to be missed. 2009...get ready, we are into full throttle. Thank you organizers, you made paintball more interesting in this part of the world. You will get our support for the WCA!

The toilet is over there...

Wow... I see that this blog is creating some hype afterall. I think its pure coincidence that other blog also happen to credit paintball photographers... good good good... but seriously... like I have said: Knows only shit...just keep dont go ranting and make yourself look good and credit people just because you know shit. Ya...dont know the history? go read some history books, anything off are just shitty comments...oh...pretending to be angels? Come know you are not.

I am saying this...cos you dont know the dont take sides...

And of course like I have said. There were discussions... just that some are never answered:

1) Why no photos after 52 games, is this petty as you have called me? reply
2) Oh...Its a powerful photo, from the photographic perspective...its a powerful photo. Ans: I didnt deny, I mentioned it is a nice photo. Just the intentions. Wow!!! POWERFUL photo...why not just take photos from that angle for all games since its SO POWERFUL....could win some award doing that.
3) Come on...take losing nicely.... Ans: I have play sports all my life. I know what is the feeling of losing, its not nice, I know but I have managed. But this? This is teasing. Am I taking it personally? Yes, I am. No doubt. Is it about the team? No. Its me, moi, I.
4) Just remember one thing. Not all you think are your friends are your friends. Words go around so take care.
5) You are so petty. Ans: Er...52 games and no photos? OF COURSE I AM PETTY.

Back to shit comments...go on the toilet is over there. Go ahead...angels are in the dump. Oh and if the timing is not right...meaning I posted before you and you posted before me and all that kind of bad....I am shit. Shitty day ahead, cheers dude!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The eagle has landed!

Yup, here I am seating at the hotel lobby, Starbucks to be exact sipping my hot chocolate away... looking around for familar faces. Since afternoon, teams from all around Asia has been checking into the hotel. As I am speaking right now, Ulrich the Millenium Head Ref is standing at the reception doing his check in. Since this afternoon, I have spoken to guys from the Philippines, Global Gutz, the Indonesian, Palti and gang... Rony who we met in the last NPPL Asia is here too. This time, he will not be playing but will be a coach for 2 newly formed Indonesia Division 3 teams. Then there is the gang from Taiwan, Team Formosa who are more focus on learning the trades of refeering than playing. Things are looking good. The official hotel is about 20 mins drive away from the field, so it will be a problem for most of the teams. Going there is not an issue but returning from the field is. No worries, we will solve this problem. I am actually very excited about this year's WCA. Playing is one thing, getting to meet old friends is the other. Not forgetting the new friends and people that we will be meeting. Paintball is a small community. Everyone knows everyone... so its good to see everyone again.

Padam Pelita who has not played with us for the last 2 events will rejoin the team this time. In this WCA, our team has a point to proof as we were misunderstood for most of the entire season. So good luck Red Sevens... play hard and make sure that our presence is felt. Last year was our virgin year...playing WCA for the second time, its time for us to play harder than last year.

Cheers dude!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Singapore round up...

It has been a while since we have last provided an update on the paintball scene in Singapore. So here it goes…

Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2008, Leg 3, 12 Oct 2008

In the local paintball scene, our Philippines expatriates PSG Warfreakz won the Overall Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) Champion for 2008 and Team Carnage clinching the title of the SPNS Leg 3 Champion. Mid Life Crusaders and Team Damnation were awarded the 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Md Faris Bin Md Dawood from Team R.A.G was voted as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for Leg 3. Photos of Leg 3,

Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC), Johor Cup, Leg 5

5 Singapore based teams represented Singapore in the MPOC Leg 5. Team Damnation Wargh! and Red Sevens participated in the Division 3 category while Team Red Dynasty, Team E.X.A and PSG Warfreakz participated in the Division 4 category. Singapore teams posted a reasonable performance with PSG Warfreakz and Team Red Dynasty clinching the 3rd and 4th position respectively.

Basic Tournament Orientation, 30 Nov 08

The Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) will be held on 30 Nov 08. The focus of the BTO is to promote tournament paintball in Singapore and ensuring that paintball safety is adhered to. The BTO will comprise of a theory test and 2 practical games to assess players’ competency. More information about the BTO can be found in

World Cup Asia 2008, 13 – 16 Nov 08

Singapore will be represented by 2 teams in this year’s World Cup Asia which will be held from 13 – 16 Nov 2008. This event will be participated by 66 Asia teams from 3 categories. Team Damnation and Red Sevens will fly the Singapore flag in the 3rd Division category.

PAINtball 101 Clinic, 7 Dec 08

New to paintball? Want to know more about the game? Can’t find the right gang to play with? PAINtball 101 Clinic will let you know more about paintball and best of all, you can come alone. Participants will get to skirmish with one another and get to know people from the paintball community. To register, please visit

Student Paintball Promo, 15 Nov – 31 Dec 08

Students who are keen to take up paintball during the December school holiday can book a weekday session at Red Dynasty Paintball Park between 9.00 am – 2.00 pm. A paintball promotion of $20.00 for 50 paintballs will be offered to all students (with student card verification) who are interested. Advanced booking is required.

“Dye or Die” Sales – Till 9 Dec 08

All Dye or Proto paintball products are slashed to low down prices. Offer items range from Dye I3 Pro Invision mask at $150.00 (usual: $198.00) only! More paintball products can be viewed at

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Top Asia Paintball Teams!

Ironmen, Dynasty, Joy Division, Russian Legion, Nexus, Tons Tons...famous teams from the West. Well...these are well known teams from the U.S and Europe. You have heard of them, you have seen them play on video, you have watch their DVDs, you have learn from their coaching videos, definitely household names in the paintball world. But since this is a blog for Singapore paintball and that Singapore is part of Asia...and World Cup Asia is just 4 days away. Perhaps I should just do an insight on some of the best paintball teams in Asia? When I mean the best... I am referring to Division 1 teams and in no random order of course... teams worth watching.

1) Team Datis - Iran (Eclipse Sponsored)

The number one team from Iran which has a very consistent showing in every World Cup Asia that they played in. The finalist for WCA 2007 and overall champion of the PALS Series 2006 and 2007, Datis went against the South Africa Reapers in last year's WCA 2007. Judging from the initial voting from some forums, this team is voted as the hot favourites to win this year's WCA (having missed out on last). I think no one would disagree with me when I say that these guys are aggressive on the field. Dont be fool by their looks, these guys are very friendly people. From professsions such as medical doctors, IT professionals, etc. You cant go wrong...

2) Alien 11 - Thailand

Alien 11 beat Infernal (another home based team which cliniched 2nd in WCA 2006) to clinich 3rd placing for WCA 2007. With playing experience in the European scene such as the Millenium Series Toulouse 2007, this is one team which can turn the tide and represent Thailand in this year's WCA.

3) Team Wasp - Australia

Team Wasp (Gold and Blue) from down under Perth are two formiable teams in the Australia Xball League (AXL). With consistent showing in the AXL in 2008, we will be witnessing a good showing of paintball skills from the Aussies.

4) Demonz Red - Malaysia (JT Sponsored)

Demonz Red which is the overall Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) Div 1 Champion after 5 legs of competition is one of the longest serving paintball team in the Malaysia paintball scene. A good showing in the recent NPPL Asia Invitational Championship, the Demonz was invited to be the first Asian team to grace next year's Huntington Beach event in U.S.

5) Xtioneer - Malaysia (Dye Sponsored)

With a good showing in Toulouse 2008, this team could well be the underdog team in this year's WCA. A regular team in the Asia paintball tournament, Xtioneer has a strong and discipline team who has been playing together for many years.

6) Team KU - Japan (Dye Sponsored)

A regular face in the Asia scene. KU has made regular training trips to Taiwan. With a female player, Michiko in their team line up, KU is not a team to be undermine as they have been playing together for quite a while, Kamikaze style... With a good showing in the NPPL Asia Championship, KU is definitely not a pushover in this WCA.

And there you go...teams worth mentioning in Asia.

Friday, November 7, 2008

World Cup Asia 2008 - Singapore Teams

World Cup Asia (WCA) will be held from 13 - 16 Nov 08 in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. To date, there will be about 66 teams from 3 divisions fighting to gain recognition from the biggest Asia paintball event. Last year when Red Sevens was there, we were the only paintball team from Singapore. This year, things will be exciting for Singapore's paintball scene, other than the Red Sevens, Team Damnation from Singapore will be at the WCA too. It a pity that we were unable to field 3 teams from Singapore. But hey...two is an improvement from one.

Red Sevens will be represented by our usual gang, Seburo, Elle, Padam Pelita, King... Calgar and Callio are unable to join us due to personal commitment. Guesting for the team will be Ryan, our reliable mid and back player and Zack who be playing with us for the first time. I am excited at the thought of having the usual gang and 2 other guest players from the States. Playing in the 3rd Division will be teams from West and East Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore, a mini South East Asia challenge.

Of course in this WCA, there will be others (from Singapore) who will be there. Noir, Kiko, Des, PSG Warfreakz and many others. Surely paintball in Singapore is moving....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Why are you doing this?"

Got a call from a parent yesterday evening. This parent wanted to know more about paintball as she has never heard of it, never seen it and never tasted it. She wanted to know more about the game as her child is bugging her to give him consent to play paintball at RD. As I explained to her what paintball is all about, tuck in that little corner of her mind, she started to do "selective listening". Just before I can go into the teambuilding portion of paintball....she asked me one question "Why are you doing this? This is so dangerous".

Excusez-moi madamoiselle... paintball has been around in Singapore for more than 8 years if this activity is harmful, I am sure we will not be operating, so...maybe its not so dangerous afterall. So I tried to explain to her that paintball is not just about shooting one another and seeing bruises all over your body (though I cant deny, that this could be a possibility). She eventually gave in...

What I am trying to say here is that paintball has created so litte awareness. I feel for this sport to grow, for this game to become mainstream... we cannot rely on just 1 or 2 people. We need more people to step up and let more people know about the game. In order to do that, we need to understand a certain "flow"...I am sharing this because I dont think everyone thinks the same way and thus with the "flow" will be important when it comes to educating paintball.

1) Let them understand the need to play paintball. You can start of by telling them the good things about playing it, for example good communication, team building, etc.

2) To balance their expectation, dont just tell them the good things, also let them know about the risks involved. E.g. bruising, bleeding, etc. Let them know the safety aspects of the game. Show them the big picture on how this game has developed over the years.

3) Recreational play. This is self experiential cant teach this. Let them go into the field and play on their own. Through self discovery, you will learn more things.

4) Teach them how to play, e.g. shooting posture, how to shoot cross, communication. Correct them on simple things such as tunnel vision, doing head checks. This is the most critical part. Usually, people who are keen to improve their game will be attentive when you pass this information to them. If you see the glitter in their eyes when you are telling them what to do. The next thing you know, this guy will come back for more.

5) Next is to let them know about the cost of playing this game. 80% of the people I met (totally new to paintball), tell me that paintball is an expensive sport. I think I have said this many times on this blog but for the effort of "educating" more people, I thought perhaps, I will say this one more time. Paintball is can be an inexpensive sport but it all depends on how you play it (just ask me). Truely, paintball gears are expensive. This game is not soccer, basketball, netball....all you need is most probably a ball. A good comparison will be bowling (Thanks Tom). To bowl, you need to get your bowling ball, you need to get a good pair of shoes, you need to get a hand guard, you need a bowling bag, a piece of nice cloth. Once you get all the equipment to be a better still need to pay for the lane fee, bear in mind that the lane fee is still the same price before you bought all your bowling equipment. I find similarity in this lane fee as compared to paintballs. So is paintball expensive? Yes and no.

6) Speedball - And the rest is history. Formation of teams, competitions, blar blar blar...

So why are we doing this? For the love of the game I guess. Be proud to let people know that you are playing paintball...often we are so embarrass about it... but you will be embarrassed if misconceptions are set upon this very people who ask you: "Do you play sports?" There it goes again...same old shit again...