Friday, November 21, 2008

The toilet is over there...

Wow... I see that this blog is creating some hype afterall. I think its pure coincidence that other blog also happen to credit paintball photographers... good good good... but seriously... like I have said: Knows only shit...just keep dont go ranting and make yourself look good and credit people just because you know shit. Ya...dont know the history? go read some history books, anything off are just shitty comments...oh...pretending to be angels? Come know you are not.

I am saying this...cos you dont know the dont take sides...

And of course like I have said. There were discussions... just that some are never answered:

1) Why no photos after 52 games, is this petty as you have called me? reply
2) Oh...Its a powerful photo, from the photographic perspective...its a powerful photo. Ans: I didnt deny, I mentioned it is a nice photo. Just the intentions. Wow!!! POWERFUL photo...why not just take photos from that angle for all games since its SO POWERFUL....could win some award doing that.
3) Come on...take losing nicely.... Ans: I have play sports all my life. I know what is the feeling of losing, its not nice, I know but I have managed. But this? This is teasing. Am I taking it personally? Yes, I am. No doubt. Is it about the team? No. Its me, moi, I.
4) Just remember one thing. Not all you think are your friends are your friends. Words go around so take care.
5) You are so petty. Ans: Er...52 games and no photos? OF COURSE I AM PETTY.

Back to shit comments...go on the toilet is over there. Go ahead...angels are in the dump. Oh and if the timing is not right...meaning I posted before you and you posted before me and all that kind of bad....I am shit. Shitty day ahead, cheers dude!

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