Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paintball in Singapore

We will confirm these nearer to event date but this is the plan.

1) In conjunction with our plans to improve the standard of refereeing for our local referees, PBAS has invited Mr Junaidi, the President for the Malaysian Marshal to Singapore to conduct the Malaysian Marshals Paintball Certificate Level 1 Course. Interested parties who are keen to participate in speedball refereeing are encouraged to participate in this course. Upon completion participants will be registered with PBAS as a tournament referee for all PBAS organized paintball tournament. All BMO registered referees will be subsidized for this certification. For more information, please contact Calgar, Head Marshal for SPNS 2009.

Mr. Junaidi is the President of the Malaysia Paintball Marshal (MM) and the Ultimate Marshal for the Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC). He is also the Head of Rules and Regulations in the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) which organized the Asia World Cup 2006 and 2007. His marshalling career started in 2003 and was the first Asian to have officiated in the Paris World Cup 2005, 3rd leg of the Millenium Series. His recent stint at international paintball was his appointment as the Head Marshal for the Asian Paintball Invitational Tournament 2008 held in Kao Hsiung, Taiwan.

Certification course will be $50.00 per participant.

2) Daniel "Junior" Goh who played for Team Spectre (Division 2 Champion in MPOC 2008) and currently playing for Team Lemon Ruski (Two-time Division 2 Champion in MPOC 2009) has been invited to Singapore to conduct a half day paintball clinic before SPNS Leg 2. Daniel is a master of strategies in game walk through as will be sharing his game experiences with teams who are keen to know more about paintball strategies.

If you would like to know more about leading your team to mastering the perfect paintball game plan, this clinic is a MUST for all team captains and vice captains.

Paintball clinic will be free for SPNS registered teams.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Red Sevens

Yoz, Yoz...Art the rapper is in the house...Yeh Tur Tur...
The team
Ironmen...Ryan trying to look cool...trying...Zach is cool...

Now you see me... now you dont

Red Sevens in My-NPL 2009 Leg 2

With the NPL Leg 2 in Johor Bahru, it is almost impossible for Red Sevens to miss this leg of the competition. Having travelled to Malacca, Penang, Selangor, KL and the furthest to Taiwan for paintball, JB is a considered as very very convenient... but hell tiring. I had to wake up at 5.00 am on both competition days to ferry the team across the causeway. Having played in the MPOC for 2 years, this is also the first time that Red Sevens has participated in the NPL. Well... to conclude the differences, I think its just one word - Organized. How organized? I will elaborate on this in the next posting.

There were 4 Singapore teams and a few other Singaporeans who were guesting for other teams.

In Division 4, there were:

Team Karma - A local team who often plays in Malaysia and participate in JBL 2008 but very seldom seen playing on local grounds.

Team Red Dynasty - Team formed by staff who works in Red Dynasty Paintball Park. Have seen and experience paintball every other weekend, this team was raring to get some overseas paintball experience. Having played together in the last MPOC JB and missing out on the podium, they were pretty determined to make things right.

Judas86 - A former Redlords, a current Team Kamikaze...and guesting for Shootin Rage (SIR) in this leg of the competition.

In conclusion: Team Red Dynasty won the 1st Runners Up out of 11 participating teams, Team Karma had an early day after Day 1 and with Shootin Rage, Judas86 won a 2nd Runner Up medal too. For the record, Judas86 and Sham are the first 2 local lads to have won a medal in both Singapore and Malaysia.

In Division 3, there were:

Red Sevens - In Day 1, we won 7 of our 8 qualifying games and was placed in 2nd position out of 19 participating teams. A good results indeed... but luck was not shining on us in Day 2 and we managed to get into the Quarter-Finals.

Warfreakz - A local filippino based team who was SPNS 2008 overall Champion. They had a few guest, Alan Lee (from Singapore) and Halim (formerly from Iron Sea) who was guesting for them. They too had a good outing in Day 1 but due to some misunderstanding, they got some points deduction. Still they did well to qualify for Day 2. A top 16th spot before they called it a day.

All in all, it was good fun, a weekend competing and getting together laughing and joking around. It was also good to take time off from the usual work and meeting up with our former teammates, Azlan and Sharful (who recently got posted to JB, thanks for coming down to support us on both days). Azlan who helpe us crew during the last few games and offered us cash to buy paintballs, that was indeed very appreciated gesture.

Thanks to Gerald's dad for being so supportive in our quest to win a medal in paintball. Our 2 American kids, you guys did well too, yes we were unlucky but you guys played well and I enjoyed hanging out with you guys.

Div 2... here we come.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Where to play paintball in Singapore?

There are a couple of places where you can play paintball in Singapore, all centers are unique in their own way with varying prices. So do your own research on the internet to find out who offers the best service:

a) TAG Paintball located in Orchid Country Club (Yishun)

b) Red Dynasty Paintball Park located in Bottle Tree Park (Khatib/Yishun) -

c) Crossfire located in Singapore Discovery Centre (Tuas)

d) Amoy Quee Camp (Yio Chu Kang) - Only for NCC cadets

e) Operation 685 - More details

f) Mobile Paintball - More details

Monday, March 9, 2009

Random Red Sevens

Bben running back to the starting frame with ice cream

Bben looking at the mess he has created...chocolates in the pods.

Zach showing off his teeth after eating chocolate biscuits.
Zach and Ryan trying to looking mean... Zack is holding onto Edi's green goblin Ego 9.

Hmmm...why are we so happy? Must be the strawberry milkshake...

Eclipse Ego 8 vs Ego 9

Red Sevens clinched 4th position in MPOC Leg 2

After 2 days of gruelling competition, 18 games in total, 19 boxes of paintballs... Red Sevens finally clinched the position of the "first loser", 4th position in the Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) Leg 2. Usually refers to the 2nd position, the "first loser" title goes to Red Sevens for not taking any prizes home and spending as many paintballs as the podium finishers. Day 1 of the competition saw all Division 3 teams playing 4 games each. Without breaking our usual curse of losing the first game, we lost the game to Marauderz and went on to win the next 3 games against Hoodlum, Apache and Lund69. The day ended before lunch break and luckily, we were on our way back to the hotel before the thunderstorm arrived. As the usual saying goes "MPOC will not be the same without any rain..."

Day 2 - and the team has to go on full throttle to build on the good results in Day 1 . We were scheduled to play a total of 6 games in a span of 2 hours...which make people wonder what is wrong with the scheduling??? (point of consideration no.1) Never mind that... Day 2 was a little more challenging, we had games with our sister team, Damnation, Dark Angels, Urban X, Holydivers, Ghost Destructo and Eastsiderz. The end result...won 4, drew 1 and lost 1. We went down 5 points in the match against Damnation. Kudos to them...

Edi has to leave for Singapore after 2 games in Day 2... his absence was clearly missed when we had little option to play a double dorito game. After the qualifying rounds, we were in the 4th position and into the top 16 round. This leg had 19 participating teams, top 16 teams qualified for the next round. One team never show up on the 2nd day and lost all their points. So there were actually 18 participating teams...and to only drop the last 2 spots for a top 16 round was simply "money wasting". In Leg 1 of the MPOC, there were 15 participating teams and 12 qualified for the next round. In this leg, we had 18 teams and 16 teams qualified!!! All you need is to win 2 qualifying games in all 10 games to qualify...come to think of it...it just doesnt make sense. This is not considering the fact that there is still a quarter finals, semi finals, finals, 3rd/4th placing game that teams have to go through. Which the latter two game was supposed to be the best of 3 games but it never happened. The final game was played in the dark... perhaps if this was the case for next leg... where there are more than 18 participating teams, perhaps we should just stick to the top 12 teams to qualify or perhaps consider using paintballs that glow in the dark (point of consideration no. 2).

In the round of top 16, we were grouped with Urban X, Dark Angels and PPS Syndrome. We top the team with 9 points and proceeded to the quarters and for the third time we had to meet Dark Angels and Oscar Legio X and Ghost Destructo. We came in 2nd and before we knew it...we were the top 4 teams in Div 3. This was also the first time that we have gone so far... a top 4 finished was indeed pleasing until we had to face Team Bellicose in the Semis. I am starting a new paragraph because this happens to be the most exciting part of the whole tournament.

Firstly, they had an ex or current (I am not sure) Div 1 player starring for them... which makes me wonder if there was any screening done. As far as I know, any player who have played in Div 1, are not allow to play in Div 3... okay....never mind that...its all good. Then came the game of indecisiveness and cheating... its okay to cheat in paintball.... as long as you are not caught by the ref, you just play on and get away smirking on your "wrong doings". So you have done the right thing... and that is to cheat but dont get caught, cheating even in a feature in the NPPL Championship Xbox game...so its okay to cheat a little in paintball.

What I am pissed about was the fact that this was done under the noses of 3 referees and none had seen him cheat! WOW! Surely a good cheater... To make the referees took back their calling from a normal tradeoff to a "1 for 1" with his protest was the pinnacle... Come on be fair will you? ... you dont call a player out and after his protest changed it to a "1 for 1". What is this? Where is the decisiveness? (point of consideration no. 3) While all these were ongoing, the flag was hang too! And of course, we respected your indecisiveness and the game was eventually decided in a 1 on 1. We lost the game. We respected your decision but not the results. If that dishonest guy had claimed that he had shot my player first, well okay.... but in the midst of his complain, I shot him out too. So where is the 1 for 1? Its a simple tradeoff...

The tournament was concluded with a 3th/4th match against the JB Syndicate and they won the game gracefully.

Thanks to all who have supported us during the MPOC, special mention goes to Daniel from Lemon Ruski, the bispectacle player from PPS Syndrome (sorry I dont know your name but you have been cheering us on), Reuben from Hoodlums for arranging for our transportation back to the hotel, Rudi the scorekeeper who came to us and congratulated us on our "winnings" though we didnt really won, you guys have given us continuous support and all the belief... Cheers!

Until next MPOC? maybe not...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2009 Leg 2 @ Pasir Ris Park - 17 May 09

Its confirmed, SPNS 2009 Leg 2 will be held in Pasir Ris Park on 17 May 2009. This collaboration with Nparks to bring paintball out to the community will be the first in Singapore. Teams that are keen to be part of this paintball history in Singapore should register their participation with www.weplaypaintball.com/SPNS.html