Sunday, January 31, 2010

Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge 2010 - HEARTBREAKERS Champion!

Heartbreakers - Champion of Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge

Participants of Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge

6 teams participated in the Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge on 31 Jan 2010 and as the competition name suggest the challenge was held in Red Dynasty Paintball Park. This is the first time that such challenge is organized and surely not the only one in 2010. The objective of the rookie challenge is to establish a competitive platform for the purpose of introducing the game of speedball to new paintball enthusiasts who have recently picked up the sport. With a 4 versus 4 format and a limit of 100 paintballs per load, the game pace of this challenge is rapid and provides the same competition intensity for all paintballers.

The 6 participating teams who took part in this challenge are Phobos and Deimos, Black Aces 2, Raving Lunatics 1, Raving Lunatics 2, Dare Devils and Heartbreakers.

Playing a round robin format during the qualifying rounds, it was Raving Lunatics 1 who topped the table with a impressive run of 4 wins and 1 lost. They were followed by Semi Finalists, Heartbreaks (2), Phobos and Deimos (3) and Black Aces (4). In the Semi Final games where the best of 3 games format is adopted, the Heartbreakers took an early lead by getting 2 wins from Phobos and Deimos. The Black Aces 2 and Raving Lunatics 2 took a game each with the event winner meeting Heartbreakers in a Finals. Eventually, it was Black Aces 2 who adopted a defensive strategy against the Raving Lunatics 2 that went through. The final game was settled through a 1 versus 1 by Ben Junior (from Heartbreakers) and Joshua (from Black Aces) when both teams were tied on a win each and a draw in the earlier game which saw no surviving players on the field.

The Heartbreakers eventually won the challenge with a patience approach during the 1 versus 1 game and saw them clinched the first Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge title. Congratulations Heartbreakers... and as the Head Marshal, Fuzz concluded about the challenge: "Keep the fire burning...", we hope to see all players developed themselves into better players and help to spread the love of paintball in Singapore.