Monday, July 27, 2009

Singapore team on podium of SX Sunday 3 on 3 Match

Wargh! Nuts and Wargh! Mavericks from Singapore participated in the SX Sunday 3 on 3 Match on a Sunday morning (of course...). Wargh! Mavericks comprising of Captain, Kevin Lee, Sean Low (Top Gun winner in SPNS Leg 2), Andrew and Daryl came out tops in the competition with a podium finish. The Singaporeans showed that they were no pushovers against some of the best Division 4 sides from Johor Bahru. Aji, one of the most prominent player in Johor also commented about the standards of the Singapore players: "They played in SPNS, thats why they are good. Everybody said, oh, better watch for singapore guys now." The teams have earned his respect when he goes on to comment that: "CONGRATULATION to Wargh! Maverick on the podium! You have fought one of the well respected team in JB - Team MBT (My Brothers Team) from Pontian."

Congratulations boys! You have made us proud!