Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Singapore's First All-Female Team

Yes, Femmes de Fatale, Team Destiny... big names in the paintball industry. All-Female teams in the US plying their trade in the man's league.

Who says girls cant play paintball? To set the record straight, there is no gender difference when it comes to paintballing, all you need to do is to squeeze the trigger and you can be as good as your opponent. Ladies and gentlemen...may I present to you Singapore's First All-Female Team, Team Atrox.

We have heard of many All-Female Teams in Malaysia, teams such as Tornado Angels, Venus, Sogo Ballbusters, etc. They are all very good teams. While this is nothing new to form an All-Female team in Malaysia, it is certainly something worth mentioning in Singapore. Hey...All-Female team...interesting. Surely the talk of the town if there is a media pitch to this in 2009 when the SPNS season starts again.

It used to be a few female players in the scene then slowly more and more female players. Guys...who say paintball is a dangerous game...hmmm, think again. Elle would most probably be the first Singapore female player to play competitive paintball in Malaysia...she gets some attention when teams are playing against us, like when we were in Penang playing in last year MPOC, she is like the talk of the town, and of course, a column in the Penang newspaper talking about paintball in Singapore. So female players do get some attention afterall.

In the 2nd Leg of MPOC, there was PSG Charlie, a group of pinoy expats which fielded a full female team...nice on the outside, aggressive on the inside. They made it to the 2nd round of the competition. I would love to see a match between PSG Charlie and Team Atrox as this would be very interesting for Singapore paintball. Leading the team is none other than Grimreaper. Having played in all 3 legs of the SPNS, 1 leg of MPOC and a few other sunday league tourney, she is the perfect choice in sharing her experience with female players who are keen to take up paintball as a regular sport. So there you go...Team Atrox!

I thought perhaps I would like to mention a few other paintball nick (all female) in this blog as a ovation to their contribution towards paintball in Singapore or in the region:

Barrel, Snowflier, Noraini, Mad Devil, Elle, Wee Cheng, PSG Charlie, Grimreaper, Ann... and the list goes on...