Thursday, February 21, 2008

Top 16...yet again. But what's new?

Just returned from MPOC and straight into army uniform. Quite a tired transition I must say...but what the heck, at least the one thing that made me delighted over the weekend was the consistency that I saw in Red Sevens. 6 wins, 2 draws and 5 loses means that we are good enough for the top 16 spot out of 24 participating paintball teams... Nothing unusual as seen from our history but this time...things do differ a little. And here's why:

1) Lesser "sayoh" teams
Teams are getting better and better. Put a group of newbies into the team but equipped them with expensive markers. And viola! They are good or at least they "look" good. One of such teams...Nightm@R@! Teams are beginning to come on par with one another. Same faces, same level of play, same tactics. Well...good for the scene but definitely harder for newbies to take up this sport. A future Div4? Maybe...

2) "HARD"core teams
These are the teams who know that they are good enough on the other side of the pasture...but just choose to stay. Yes, you...shame on you. Unbeaten in all games? Move on and dont be a dry nose dirt. Hard to remove and definitely stinko in play...yawn...give others a chance. If you have a regular lineup and has been playing for more than 3 years. Move on to the next division...NOSE DIRT!

While there have been significant improvements in the organization of the game, for example the rapid filling to 4000 psi, a cha-cha step was enough for it to take one step back with spoilt choronographs. What a waste! And judging for Leg 1, we will be expecting the same kind of mood to the end of the year. So how different is this year's MPOC as compared to last year? I dont know. The spectator stand which leads to controversy? Maybe...

WDM! Time to wake up and start playing some serious paintball. Red Sevens got bashed! = Red Sevens bashed WDM = WDM got bashed badly by the rest!

Want to improve? Train on weekdays...