Monday, October 27, 2008

Johor Bahru MPOC Leg 5

Last leg of the MPOC...the final leg for the year. Red Sevens qualified for Day 2 after a 10th placing at the end of Day 1. Not a very good showing but at least we made it to Day 2, which means that we are back on track (hopefully).

We were joined by 2 guest players, Spacemonkey and Noir who are both regulars at Red Dynasty. The former is a member of the Red Fraction and the latter is a junior player for Team Spectre in Penang. Playing for the first time together, I think we had a decent showing...not very good and certainly can be better. There were times when we lost our focus and got eliminated "cheaply". "Cheap" elimination here refers to being shot when playing to openly, shots that usually land on the mask or loader. Due to some miscommunication, Padam Pelita was unable to join us, its a real pity as the snake was hardly played by most teams and I am very sure that Padam Pelita will create a stir at the snake if he was there.

In fact, I would consider the Johor Cup as the toughest Division 3 leg in the MPOC for there are very good teams in the Southern region. Teams such as Ironsea Legion, Johor Pirates and D'Mercy Kidz are all very tough teams to play against. We were always on the fringe of qualification and securing wins were very important, every elimination counts to qualifying for the next round.

What is more amazing and interesting was the participation of 5 Singapore based teams. Other than Red Sevens, we were also joined by our local SPNS Overall Champion, PSG Warfreakz, the Red Dynasty Staff Team and Team Damnation Wargh! which were all competing in Division 4 and Team EXA who has a spot in Division 3. After a series of gruelling games, PSG Warfreakz and Red Dynasty Staff clinched the 2nd and 4th spot respectively. Team Damnation Wargh! also made it to the 2nd Round and quoting Amok "Technically, we didnt lose...we had 3 draw games". Playing for the first time together, Team EXA had their first taste of the Division 3 games. Although the results could be better, EXA held their heads up high as the 1st official full fledged Singaporean paintball team!!!

Now its back to the drawing board again as we anticipate our participation in the World Cup Asia 08... to Padam Pelita and Callio (if you are reading this blog), let's go out and kick some ass again!