Sunday, June 29, 2008

Deja Vu!!!! Same shit again!!!!

Poor planning again...teams with poor planning...dont even think about playing paintball ever again, it just makes everyone frustrated and stranded. Playing paintball is all about proper planning, without good planning everything fail. From day one when a few players decided to come together and formed a team...planning starts! Team name? Training schedule? Team recruitment? Sponsors? Skirmishs? Competitions? and the list goes on and on... in all these planning comes team dynamics. Plans on where to eat? where to meet? what gears to buy? I have the honour to form a paintball team which travels up North for competition. Part of this planning process includes planning for the trip...which is actually 50% of the planning process. Planning where to stay? which transportation mode? how much money to bring? So so many plans. And most important of all, dissemination of these plans to everyone in the team. That's 50% of planning when a team commits to joining a competition.

But when there is a screw up in the planning process....everything becomes shitty!!!! Real shitty!!! Can you imagine this? A team not knowing when their next competition is, who's much to prepare? When to take leave? How to go? Where to stay? No training?...see what I mean? Things become shitty!!!

So for teams out proper planning before you !@#$@uck up your team mates! Cos right now. I am damn piss off!!!

And lastly...everyone is busy, everyone is tie down with their own committments, so you are not alone. Definitely not alone...remarks such as I am so naive and unfair! A shrunk of responsibility..."Ohhh...I am so busy...." Come on...Red ASS! Wake up your ideas.

Seems stupid...but I think its a deja vu...