Monday, July 13, 2009

2nd Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament 2009 Day -2

Whenever possible, I will be updating this blog when the team travels to Taiwan. We will be leaving Singapore on 14 July 2009 (Tuesday) on an afternoon flight to Tao Yuan International Airport. We will be hosted by one of our close friends in Taiwan, Arthur Chang. Arthur played for Red Sevens last year in the same tournament, it is good to know that Arthur will be playing for us again. With Kiko and Gerald playing on each side of the field, Arthur will surely add depth to the team with his experience and he will play a good mentor to Gerald too.

We have plans to head straight for Taipei night market when we reached Taiwan. Arthur will be hosting Team KU from Japan as well.... so once again, we will be seeing the KUs. Steven, the other good friend of the team might be bringing us out for supper too. So yes, lots of eating coming up... got to watch my weight now.

We have also settle our markers arrangement for the tournament... a mixture of DMs and Protos... what else right?