Friday, July 31, 2009

Team Seekers from Singapore

Seekers has become latest Singapore team to ply their trade in Malaysia. Participating for the first time in MY-NPL Division 4 this weekend, we hope that this team will do Singapore proud and bring back a podium finish! Go Rudi and gang! Way to go...

Results of the team will be posted after Sunday.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red Dynasty Paintball Team

Red Dynasty Paintball Park is forming a house team for local and regional tournament. This team will be sponsored with paintballs to train and registration fee to enter tournaments.

"If you are keen to be part of a sponsored team playing under the name of Red Dynasty, WE WANT YOU!

Red Dynasty is forming a Division 4 house team to play in local and overseas tournament. This team will be sponsored by Red Dynasty Paintball Park with paintballs and registration fee to enter overseas and local tournament.

If you are between the age of 16 - 30, able to travel overseas for tournaments, have a good attitude towards promoting paintball in Singapore, do approach us for more details. There could be a selection process if there are overwhelming results, individuals who have had bad experiences with Red Dynasty need not apply as it is difficult for us to give away such a good deal to you.

We are looking for players who have had experiences playing tournament paintball, e.g. SPNS, MPOC, MY-NPL, etc.

Newbies with extreme desire to be in the team may be considered.

Terms and conditions apply. Only 7 seats."


Okay, I am selling this piece. Its a Ollie Lang DM8 bought in 2008 (of course!). There are only 100 pieces of this in the world. Mine happens to be #52 out of 100. Its on a Virtue Board and running on a Billy Wing Bolt....shoots well. Marker is in Malaysia and I will only trade in Malaysia. If you are keen to get this piece for yourself, its RM3000NETT. Does not come with barrel but its on autococker thread so shouldnt be too hard finding a replacement barrel.

*Loader not included.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Singapore team on podium of SX Sunday 3 on 3 Match

Wargh! Nuts and Wargh! Mavericks from Singapore participated in the SX Sunday 3 on 3 Match on a Sunday morning (of course...). Wargh! Mavericks comprising of Captain, Kevin Lee, Sean Low (Top Gun winner in SPNS Leg 2), Andrew and Daryl came out tops in the competition with a podium finish. The Singaporeans showed that they were no pushovers against some of the best Division 4 sides from Johor Bahru. Aji, one of the most prominent player in Johor also commented about the standards of the Singapore players: "They played in SPNS, thats why they are good. Everybody said, oh, better watch for singapore guys now." The teams have earned his respect when he goes on to comment that: "CONGRATULATION to Wargh! Maverick on the podium! You have fought one of the well respected team in JB - Team MBT (My Brothers Team) from Pontian."

Congratulations boys! You have made us proud!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is this how you repay your sponsors?

I thought this might be a good time to blog about sponsorship simply because World Cup Asia 2009 is approaching and that there will be many vendors attending this event, so if your team is keen to find a paintball sponsor, there is no better time than this.

First mistake about acquiring sponsorship: many teams think too lightly of themselves, common thoughts such as: "They are big companies, and we are only starting paintball, why would they want to sponsor us?", "Since its all about results, maybe we should win something first before approaching any sponsors?", "Are we good enough?" Doubts, doubts and doubts... Trust me, there is never a good time to find a sponsor, the sponsors are always out there and its a matter of convincing them and be bold enough to get that sponsor regardless of the sponsorship value. I have heard of teams with no results to show and yet be able to secure some form of sponsorship.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Approach your neighbourhood paintball field. Field owners are likely to award some form of sponsorship in return for some assistance such as marketing, publicity, field errants, etc. These are the people who are most likely to hand off some paintballs in return for some form of work. For example, you can help out to design a poster for the next local tournament in exchange for a bag of paintball? or you can assist to help set up the tournament field before the actual event in exchange for practice paintballs before the tournament.

2) Draft a team profile as a sponsorship proposal. In the proposal, include photos of the team both on and off the field. Sponsors like to know that the team is hanging out together even though they are not playing in the field. Write a short description of the team members which can include occupation of the players, this will give the sponsor an idea of the spending power of the team. So as to devise a win win situation for his products and the team expenditure in training, etc. I have personally come across a team profile that includes strengths such as: Stamina, accuracy, speed, agility...these characteristics are childish, so dont put them in. Be professional. Elaborate what you can do for your sponsor and not the other way round.

3) Never never never ever make bad comments about your sponsorship items. There is this team which managed to get some sponsorship but instead of saying how fabulous these sponsored items are, the team went on the elaborate to other people on how unlucky they are to get sucky items and how they wish they never got them in the first place. Instead of promoting what they are wearing and using, they are giving away bad publicity about the brand. So be glad that you are a sponsored team.

4) Be loyal. Sponsors like loyalty. The longer you stay with the sponsors, the more you will get when times are good. Switching sides is always a no no. It creates that little rivalry and cast doubts over the sponsors if they did the right thing giving you these sponsorships. Chinese has this saying: Never forget your roots. Always remember that you are where you are because someone has given you a chance to prove yourself when you first started.

5) Always thank your sponsors. These might mean nothing to most people but sponsors like to be thank. Always update your sponsors about your ongoings, let them know about your recent results, who you have recruited, when is your next tournament, etc. Keep them in the loop. If there is a team gathering such as a BBQ, invite the sponsor. This might open up to future collaborations once your sponsorship contract ends. Dont apple one likes it so dont overdo it.

Red Dynasty Mini Challenge

The results

Round 1

Destroy (0) vs Five-O (3), -4, +4
Evil Avengers (0) vs Black Aces (3), -1, +1
Contract Killers (+1) vs Dark Militia (-1), 0, 0
Strike (0) vs Red Sevens (3), -2, +2
Destroy (0) vs Contract Killers (3), -3, +3
Evil Avengers (3) vs Strike (0), +1, -1
Five-O (3) vs Dark Militia (0), +2, -2
Black Aces (0) vs Red Sevens (3), -4, +4
Destroy (3) vs Dark Militia (0), +2, -2
Evil Avengers (0) vs Red Sevens (3), -5, +5
Five-O (3) vs Contract Killer (0), +3, -3
Black Aces (0) vs Strike (3), -1, +1

Round 2

Dark Militia (3) vs Evil Avengers (0), +4, -4
Destroy (3) vs Black Aces (0), +4, -4
Contract Killers (3) vs Strike (0), +5, -5
Five-O vs Red Sevens TIE

8th- Evil Avengers
7th- Dark Militia
6th- Black Aces
5th- Seek & Destroy
4th- Seek & Strike
3rd- Contract Killers
2nd/1st - Five-O, Red Sevens

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Coming soon... Part 1

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank you...

I will end the final segment of the APIT 2009 with a word of thanks to the following people:

1) Arthur Chang - Our beloved Taiwanese import who stood by us even though we had a pretty shaky lineup. Arthur offered his help to the team unconditionally by allowing us to make his home a players village, ferrying us from the airport and around taoyuan, a great host who brought us around looking for food, helping us to buy our train tickets back from Kao Hsiung, arranging for the team's registration, etc. You have certainly make us feel very welcome in Taiwan. THANK YOU!

2) Organizers of the APIT 2009 - Although there were some minor screw ups but all is good. It is definitely a hard task organizing a paintball tournament not to mention a paintball tournament of this scale. After months and months of preparing, I think the organizers have done well this time. They are more prepared as compared to last year and they are more organized too. of course, with a better accommodation arrangement as compared to last year would render a 10/10 for the team. THANK YOU!

3) Marshals - Its not easy I guess, teams speaking in different languages hurling vulgarities, surely they can easily pick up some free language lessons. Its a tough job and we all know. THANK YOU!

4) Our Taiwan friends - This tournament will be just any other tournament if not for your hospitality and support. You have supported us from the sidelines during our games, you have given words of encouragement and you have made us feel welcome. Steven, Clarie, Alan, Fon Jen, Pony, Bronco, Alan, Mingzhe, Devon, Ellen, Peter, Rex, Zhi Zhong, Shan, Chiu, the KU gang. THANK YOU!

Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament 2009/ World Games 2009- Random photos

King showing his side arms in paintball style

Our reaffirmation that this is a land of TOMs

Seburo with Dietz who is the team captain of the German team...oh, he got another new free jersey

Elle signing autographs... she has a pool of fans #@$%^

The opening ceremony of the World Games 2009 Paintball

Edi in his camo outfit... with a very powerful tactical marker that shoots 450fps

Art with owner of TANKED, Breuer

AJ DM9 with upgraded Billy Wing Bolt

Tournament layout

Red Sevens in Taipei101

He has to be "The One"

Art trying to do the same as "The One"

Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament - Day 4

Game day! Here's the format, teams are grouped into 4 groups with 4 teams each. So each team is supposed to play against 3 other teams in the group. Red Sevens was grouped with Chinese Taipei, Canada and Australia and the results as follow:

Chinese Taipei vs Red Sevens - 3 -1

Canada vs Red Sevens - 0 - 3

Australia vs Red Sevens - 3 - 0

World Games 2009/ Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament 2009 Results

World Games 2009 Paintball Demonstration Event

Champion - Team Germany, RAMSTEIN INSTINCT

1st Runners Up - Team Australia, SWAT

2nd Runners Up - Team Iran, DATIS

3rd Runners Up - Team Japan, KU

Other participating teams:

Chinese Taipei (STORM), Malaysia (DELTA ROVERS), Singapore (RED SEVENS), Canada (INCARNATE), Taiwan (DANGEROUS POWER), Taiwan (DYNAMICS), Taiwan (YU SHAN HIGH FORMOSA), Taiwan (ZHEN CHUAN), Taiwan (KAO HSIUNG HIGH)

Nazari the next big thing in Asia paintball

This little man is Nazari, he plays for Team Datis from Iran. It was in Malaysia when I first saw him, then he was crewing for the Team Datis and helping to load paintballs, getting the players ready for their game, carrying spare markers, spare loaders for the team. There was something about this guy… he looked extremely enthusiastic about paintball, he looked like he was raring to be on the field, he looked hungry. Well, we met him again…and this time, he was donning the yellow jersey (Datis wears yellow).

He may look short, he may look harmless… but he is one of the best snake players in the whole tournament. If there is an award to select the best 5 players of the Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament 2009, I am pretty confident that Nazari will be one of them. Not only is he fast sliding down the snake side, he is also patient and clam, which is pretty rare for the snake player. His agility can easily match the pros that you see on videos and his movements is so “smooth” that spectators actually enjoyed watching him play. Terrorizing the snake tape and leaving an impression, I guess Nazari will soon make it to the bigger stage. For locals who cannot feel his presence by reading my description, let’s say he is a combination of Zach and Kiko but twice faster than both. Or should I say as good as Prince from Bushwackers...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament - Day 2 and Day 3

Representatives from all participating teams

The gang in Dye Asia

Basically, its travelling and travelling.... the team goes from Northern Taiwan to Central Taiwan and ended up in the hostel at about 11 pm in Southern Taiwan, Kao Hsiung. There were some coordination problem with the organizers and we had to wait, wait and wait most of the time.

Havent I seen this before....hmmmm...

The journey started from Tao Yuan to Dye Asia (as usual) via the express train. Kiko and Edi were really excited when we reached Dye plant as Kiko mentioned its like "little children shopping for candies". As a Dye sponsored team, we managed to pick up some merchandise at killa prices too. The trip will be in vain if we did nothing to extend our sponsorship with Dye. So yes... Red Sevens will be using Dye for another year. We got our new masks, new jerseys and pants, and of course our new markers... the team will be shooting Dye DM9 for the rest of the year. Arthur was so impressed with the DM9 that he called it the smoothest marker he ever shot. And we all know that Arthur is a big fan of Ego. For an Ego user to say that Dye is shooting smooth goes to show the quality of Dye products. I added the latest soft tip Billy Wing bolt for my Air Jordan DM9.

Welcome by the organizers...

We arrived at the tournament ground for the captains briefing and walked the ground filled with NPPL bunkers. With the support from the city council and the World Games commitee, the set up of the event is indeed very impressive. Edi as the youngest player of the team is appointed as the team captain for this event. Arthur Chang and Yuan couldnt join us in time for the practice game and with only 5 players playing in the Xball format is indeed no joke as the game format is physically demanding. We were scheduled to play Team Dynamics from Taiwan, who is also the house team. We beat this team last year during the qualification rounds so we were pretty confidence going into the game.

Our new team attire... leopard I4 and Oakland Blast and yes, our new DM9s too

We played Kiko and Gerald on the Doritos wanting to execute a double dorito offense with one backing the other. Jane played on the snake tape, with Seburo and I lobbing paints at the corner and home bunkers. The Xball format plays to a Race to 3 format, it simply means the first team to get 3 games in hand wins the game. Our team lost the first 2 games and managed to come back with a 2-2 draw. With the final game as the decision maker, we lost the game to Dynamics. Although we lost, I was pretty delighted with the performance considering that we had only 5 players and most of us went into the field with only a pod each.

The opening gate to players area and field

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taiwan Taiwan... Day 1

Kiko showing off his "gun"

Paying compliments to the man who came back from Iraq

Banno's limited edition KU's DM9 withTado board

Direct translation and it means "Exercise for beautiful breast"

Visit to airsoft warehouse, gerald tried out a AK47... like real only.

I told you we are visiting TOM's world.

Entrance of Xi Men Ding

Arthur with Team Ku and Mr. Dye

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reds in town... Day 0

The eagles have landed

After 4.5 hours of flight time, we have finally reached Taiwan. Before boarding the plane, the team managed to catch up with Ken Tsuda at the airport. He was on his way to the Philippines after a night in Singapore. Ken told us that he would love to come by again and time his business trip so that he can spend a weekend in KL when its the World Cup Asia. He also told us that he would love to spend a weekend in Singapore the next time he comes by. "I would love to play some paintball in Singapore"... So I guess the local community is in for a treat in the near future.

In Taiwan, we are imposing on our old friend Arthur who has kindly let us mess up his place again. Straight after landing, Arthur came to pick us from the airport and we went for a Teppanyaki dinner Taiwan style... Gerald had his first taste of the Taiwanese food by ordering a super duper spicy beef set and we were wondering if it was raining in the restaurant. Of course now that we are in Taiwan... its almost like TOM, TOM, TOM and TOM everywhere we go. Tomorrow, we will be going shopping...

Arthur checking out food again...

Last heard, there will be 12 participating teams, 6 local and 6 international teams. Other than Red Sevens from Singapore, we also have Datis from Iran, Incarnate from Canada, KU from Japan, SWAT from Australia and a team from Germany.

2nd Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament 2009 Day -1

One more day before flying to Taiwan... and again a surprise visit by Ken Tsuda from Oakland Blast... just like before... The last time when Ken was in town, he gave us pointers on how to play the bunkers by taking one step back from the bunker that you are in so as to have a wider angle during offensive shooting. Well....Ken is in town again but because he is flying off to the Philippines the next day, we did not arrange for any quick bite or coffee with him. But nevertheless, Ken's visit was just so timely... just in time to catch up with him and checking with him on the pro league before leaving for Taiwan.

Ken brought a surprise for Jane. He brought her a customized Oakland Blast paintball jersey with her name on it. If you dont know what this means... it means Jane got herself a FREE pro jersey. and the significance of this is that pro paintball teams do not make customized jerseys for players who are not related to the team, not even when you are ready to pay for it. According to Ken, this is the first time that the team has done this from someone outside the team. Only paintball divas get these customized made jerseys and they are made for promotional purposes. He brought in a few other jerseys of Jason's, Kenny's and Luke's and get them all signed. The Red Sevens team will wear the Oakland Blast Jersey during one of our games in Taiwan to thank Ken for his wonderful gesture and to help promote Oakland Blast to the Taiwanese teams.

What a Blast!

Monday, July 13, 2009

2nd Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament 2009 Day -2

Whenever possible, I will be updating this blog when the team travels to Taiwan. We will be leaving Singapore on 14 July 2009 (Tuesday) on an afternoon flight to Tao Yuan International Airport. We will be hosted by one of our close friends in Taiwan, Arthur Chang. Arthur played for Red Sevens last year in the same tournament, it is good to know that Arthur will be playing for us again. With Kiko and Gerald playing on each side of the field, Arthur will surely add depth to the team with his experience and he will play a good mentor to Gerald too.

We have plans to head straight for Taipei night market when we reached Taiwan. Arthur will be hosting Team KU from Japan as well.... so once again, we will be seeing the KUs. Steven, the other good friend of the team might be bringing us out for supper too. So yes, lots of eating coming up... got to watch my weight now.

We have also settle our markers arrangement for the tournament... a mixture of DMs and Protos... what else right?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mobile paintball in Singapore

Mobile paintball arena - Suitable for 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 competition.

Hardcore mobile paintball set up - Suitable for paintball tournament of up to 7 vs 7 and tournament in accordance to international standards.

Shooting gallery for all participants of your event - Suitable for participants who are 14 years old and above

If you are organizing a corporate family day, school activities or any other event that is organized in an outdoor environment, you might want to check out the mobile paintball facilities provided by Red Dynasty Paintball Park. Instead of playing in a designated paintball centre, you might want to bringing paintball closer to you! You can choose to set up a shooting gallery to test your aiming and shooting skills or you can choose to organize a mini tournament where you get to shoot your friends, colleagues or relatives. Our mobile facilities will allow your organization to experience a full fledge paintball competition at the comfort of your event.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Its CONFIRMED! We are going to Taiwan...

Its confirmed that Red Sevens will be participating in the 2nd Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament (APIT) held in Kao Hsiung, Taiwan from 16 - 20 July 2009. The team will spend 1 week in Taiwan, 2 more days from last year's trip. This tournament has the support of the Organizing Committee of the World Games 2009. Kao Hsiung, which is the host city will see athletes coming from around the world to witness this event. Red Sevens might spend some time in the city and watch some world class events. Paintball teams from Thailand, Japan, Australia and possibly a UAE team will be at the APIT too.

We will also take this chance to meet up with our friends from Taiwan. This tournament will be played in X-ball style, 20 mins game, 2 mins rest in between games with a race to 3 games. This would mean that players will need to be a lot faster when podding and movement up the bunkers. Through this trip, we hope to learn from some of the best in the world and surely placing Singapore as a representative in the world stage.

Team Lineup: Seburo, Elle, The One, King, Edi and Yuan.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Limited Edition DM8 Ollie Lang #52 for SALE!!!

Yes, I am letting this baby go. This marker was bought shortly after it was released in 2008. There are only a 100 of this in the world. Yes, only a 100! Ollie Lang has #17 and this marker is #52. Its one of the limited edition markers that Dye made it with a glossy look. It comes with a Virtual board, so no upgrade needed. The only thing that I am keeping is the Titanium barrel that comes with this marker, however it fits any autococker threaded barrel. The best thing about this marker is that it was used for a maximum of 8 weekends only (under utilised)!!! This marker is a signature series so surely a hard find.

This marker is not in Singapore and if there are keen buyers, transaction will only be done in Malaysia (KL). Cash and carry only. There is no bag that comes with this marker or tools or any accessories, JUST the marker only. Oh...did I tell you that it comes with a red colour bolt too. Stock DMs come with metal coloured bolt.

RM3800... Actionvillage is selling this piece for USD1600, first hand...